10 Undeniable Reasons to Practice Yoga Now

10 Undeniable Reasons to Practice Yoga Now

10 Undeniable Reasons to Do Yoga Now

In the past, doing yoga was considered to be a restricted feminine activity. Nowadays, yoga is mainstream. As we learn more about reasons to practice Yoga, it becomes very clear that this low-effort yoga exercise provides a huge mental benefits as well as physical benefits. Let’s talk about the best ten reasons why every person should start practicing yoga Now.


1. Yoga boosts brain power

Many scientist studies suggest doing yoga exercises regularly improves IQ level,reaction time and  memory. Doing yoga helps you to improve concentration level, and easily solving any problem in few time.

2. Yoga controls blood sugar

Yoga practice helps to control blood sugar by decreasing bad cholesterol LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) and increasing good cholesterol HDL (High-density lipoprotein), and by pushing body to weight loss. People with low blood sugar can avoid the risks of kidney failure, heart attack and blindness.

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3. Yoga builds strength

Doing Yoga is a great way to build stronger muscles and improve your physical appearance. Having a strong muscles can easily help your body to avoid many pains and aches. in the gym you could lose your flexibility.But yoga gets you both strength and flexibility.

4. Yoga to strengthen lungs

This is another benefit of yoga. It improves the lung function, by improving the maximum volume of the breath and the effectiveness of the exhalation. Yoga also encourages breathing through the nose, which filters the air, humidifies it, warms it, and removes the dirt before reaching to the lungs.


5. Yoga for posture

Yoga improves your posture. By spending your time in learning crucial yoga posture, you actually help your body to stay in right posture all the time. We all spend huge time in our daily work activities and if our sitting and standing posture is not correct, then our bodies feel very much tired and fatigue. This can also cause neck, back and other muscle pain. But having the right posture all the time, we can easily get rid of such tiredness and pains.

6. Yoga improves heart rate

There are few yoga practices which boost your heart rate and as a result you get relieved from depression and lower the risk of heart attack. It also increases the uptake of oxygen during exercise.

7. Yoga prevents joint problem

During yoga practicing, you generally stretch all of your body joints and help to stay active. This way you can avoid arthritis problem, by using joint cartilage which generally used quite less.

8. Yoga for strong bones

Are you aware that lifting weight helps your bones to get stronger, that’s why there are various yoga positions that requires you to lift your own weight. So by practicing those yoga positions, you’re actually strengthening your own bones.

9. Yoga improves blood circulation

Yoga improves the blood circulation in your body, and helps getting more oxygen to your cells. Yoga also improves the hemoglobin and red blood cells (RBC) in the blood which works to transport oxygen to various tissues. Yoga also decreases the chances of heart attack and strokes, by reducing the chances of blood clots. Blood clots generally cause strokes and heart attacks.


10. Yoga controls cortisol level

When cortisol levels stay high for a longer period, it can negatively affect the immune system and may cause permanent changes in the brain. Higher Cortisol may lead to depression, osteoporosis and makes you eat more whenever you’re angry, stressed, or upset. As a result your body starts getting extra calories or fat which causes weight gain and increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes. But the good news is you can control cortisol with regular yoga practicing.

And if an hour of yoga practice a day will avoid you doctor, shouldn’t that alone Reasons to Practice Yoga now?

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