16 Best 3d Optical Illusion Lamps Reviews

If you love trendy gear and technology, Then a 3d optical illusion lamp should be on your shopping list. These lamps are very impressive home decor, and also a perfect gift idea for kids.

What are 3d optical illusion lamps?

Also called  Hologram lamps, they are composed of a shaped drawn acrylic with a base equipped with LED lights.

The shape is drawn on a 2D object and features flowing lines that create a 3D-like shape when illuminated.

Best 3d optical illusion lamps

This Lotus Buddha LED Lamp Hologram symbolizes purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. Add a spiritual touch to your room decor with this 7 colors mode Buddha lamp.

The yoga 3d illusion lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion yogi in meditation, a perfect decor piece while you are meditating or doing yoga, displaying in your bedroom, living room…

This abstract 3D optical lamp comes in 8 color modes to create the mood you like. It has 8 LEDs on the inside of the base and doesn’t overheat. The lamp can be used in a child’s room, bedroom, living room, hotel, bar, or restaurant as an attractive and original décor.

Beautiful Abstract Sphere LED Lamp with 7 changeable colors to choose from or let them change automatically by using the automatic color changing mode. This acrylic-shaped lamp is a great addition to your room, bedroom, or office decor.

The horse spirit animal symbolizes personal drive, passion, and appetite for freedom. If you love these animals and their meaning, this horse head lamp is a must-have. The glowing shape illuminated with led lights makes this lamp a catching eye for home decor.

This Lotus lamp with its 3D technology and hologram effect has 7 color modes, you can choose between Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, or White- depending on your mood. Or maybe you want to experience them all? Then, simply hold down the button and it will cycle through each color consecutively.

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in Paris and Eiffel Tower replicas are often the most popular items in Paris souvenirs shops. If you did not have the time to bring back a Paris Souvenir with you during your last trip to France, this is the Eiffel Tower LED lamp hologram that you need.

This Wolf Face Illusion LED Lamp Hologram symbolizes The wolf spirit. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, the appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. Having this lamp in your room will remind you of all these values, choose your best color between 7 moods.

This Bamboo Birds LED Lamp looks like a real 3D object. the optical illusion tricks any person’s eyes. The calming light suits any mood and any piece of your home. Perfect for the bedroom, a child’s room, living room, etc.

If you are a fan of basketball, then this 3D optical illusion basketball will occupy a special place in your heart and your room. This lamp is powered by bright LED lights that have a long lifespan with 7 different colors at the touch of a button.

This 3D alarm clock LED lamp is a unique statement piece in any room, home, or office. it is a greatly designed optical illusion lamp that will leave your kids in amazement.

If you love ocean life, especially the majestic shark, This 3D illusion shark-led lamp will add a little wow factor to your interiors. The multiple LED light colors which sit upon a flat acrylic create a magical optical illusion. An absolute kids’ and guests’ attention grabber in any piece of your home!

This is a nice home decor piece for any guitar lover, the beautiful illuminated guitar shape in 7 different colors makes this lamp a perfect birthday gift for your kid, boyfriend, or girlfriend who loves playing guitar. This is something that guarantees to make them smile.

The elephant, the ever-gentle and wise Spirit animal, symbolizes power and strength. This 3D elephant head brings you the strength that you need after a long, hard journey. With a 7 color mode display, you can choose different colors to make the light look different based on the themes or your mood.

Some optical illusion lamps don’t look anything close to the real object, but this Buddha Head LED Lamp Hologram isn’t in that category. Well-defined acrylic contours make these gadgets an excellent decor addition to your room, bedroom, or any home piece. With the Buddha head-shaped illusion lamp, you can bring a spiritual touch to your room.

This Happy Birthday LED Lamp Hologram is the birthday gift you need to impress your children, family members, or friends. The beautifully shaped acrylic with 7 color change modes makes this Birthday Hologram LED Lamp very attractive.

How do 3d optical illusion lamps Work?

3D LED lamps use a simple mechanism to operate. They come with acrylic which contains the image on a 2D plane and the base.

The acrylic is made of clear plastic on which an image is drawn on it. The image seems more like faint lines when you look at it without lighting the LEDs.

The base contains LED lights that face upwards through a slim rectangular space on the upper part of the base.

Carefully fit the bottom side of the acrylic and it will hold into place before using the lamp. Once to a power source, the LED hologram lights illuminate all acrylic lines.

A button control in the base helps to change the color of the light and alternate easily between different lights. A random color mode allows the user to shift between all 7 or 8 colors in some cases.

I have reviewed the most popular 16 3D LED Lamps trending right now. I realized that shapes look great when in light blue, red, and green. They are very well designed you will think they are 3D.

Before you use these 3D hologram lights, make sure that you get a USD plug with a rating of 5V to avoid supplying more than what the lamp needs. This is also for safety purposes.

I hope that my review will help you to buy the best hologram-led lamp for you. You can easily set up this lamp with the instruction manual that comes with most of them.

Are These 3d Optical Illusion Lamps Worth It?

You can get a 3d LED Lamp as an original decor for your home interior, especially in the bedroom. This illusion lamp doesn’t produce much light, but it works much better when you have dimmed lights or completely put them off.

You can buy one of these 3d LED lamps for your kids, they will love it, certainly if you get one modeled as an animal or things they like. These lamps are a cheap price with good quality material. They are, absolutely, worth your money.

These lamps will be an amazing Christmas or birthday gift idea for your kids.


  • Safe and easy to use for both children and adults
  • The cheap price can be bought as a toy
  • They have an impressive shape that can make you think of its 3D.
  • 7 To 8 colors mode brings about an ambient atmosphere. This makes them a nice addition to your home piece’s décor.
  • You can choose multiple acrylic designs depending on your favorite animals, objects, or hobbies.


  • It doesn’t come with a plug for connecting the USB to a power socket
  • The base is made from light plastic


What is a 3D LED lamp?

A 3D LED lamp is a lamp that shows a drawn 2D image into a 3D one when illuminated. For this specific lamp to work properly, the Acrylic 2D drawing is used under this specific lamp.

How does a 3D Lamp work?

The Hologram or a 3D lamp comes with inherent acrylic shapes drawn on a 2D plane and a base. Without the lights, the 2D images consist of faint lines but when the lights present in the base are placed on the 2D image from a rectangular window, a clear 3D image is seen.

Are 3D lamps worth buying?

The 3D lamps can prove to be a decoration item or a good toy for the kids. You’ll enjoy it and it’s worth it

What are the benefits of 3D lamps?

The 3D lamps can help you grab your kid’s attention and keep them away from the screens. They can also be an addition to your home décor. Multiple designs including some of your favorite animals and objects can be found in the acrylic 2D shapes, which can help you develop your favorite atmosphere.

Are there any negatives associated with 3D lamps?

The quality of plastic used in the hologram lamps is not up to the mark, and a slight mishandling of the 2D shapes can result in their destruction. Besides, you might have to face a hard time connecting your lamp to a power socket by USB, as there is no plug attached for this purpose.


Whether you are a techie looking for a fancy light or a parent who wants to get something that will excite a kid, these 3D LED Lamps that I have reviewed deserve their price. Make your loved ones smile by getting them one of these hologram lights.