5 Exercises For Morning Yoga

Exercises For Morning Yoga

Actually, it would be easier for us to leave the bed when the sun laughs in the morning. But the frequent, violent temperature fluctuations and our rather stressful life take their toll: the spring fatigue is more difficult to shake off and all too often we would rather even crawl under the mattress than stand up. But if the mood is already in the cellar in the morning, how will the day go on? This is the time to counteract the time – so be ready to set your mind and body “awake” and “happy”! with the following exercises for morning yoga.

Top yoga poses for Morning :


This asana can make you gloriously still in bed. They lie on their backs and raise their legs with their knees bent. Now, with your hands, you grab the outsides of your feet and rock gently back and forth – like a happy baby! Inhale ten times deep in and out and enjoy the peace.

Now it’s getting out of bed. In yoga, there are the suns, with which many yogis welcome the day, but you can also begin gently.


Stand on the ground with your feet open at the waist. Keep your eyes still closed. Feel the ground under your feet, accustom your body slowly to wake up. Keep the arms loosely on the sides of the body. Now you roll for vertebrate into a preventive action – start with your head and work your way down slowly. Do not force anything – it’s a light stretch in your legs, but do not tug at your sleepy limbs! Just go to your knees. Now clasp your arms and shake your head: three times yes, three times no. Then slowly rewind.


In order to release the energies for the day, it is important to activate the spine and get rid of the stiffness of the night, especially because most of the time we sit all day and the spine is not moved or even moved incorrectly, for example by unfavorable sitting conditions.

Kneel on the floor, hold the upper body upright and breathe quietly. Tighten your belly muscles as you go into a light back flexion. Go as far as it is pleasant for you, listen to your back and do not take over! Practitioners take their hands at their heels. Breathe five times deeply in and out. It is important to point the chest forward and upwards – towards the sun, open your heart. The shoulders will move back and forth during this exercise, be careful not to pull them up.


An exercise that strengthens the legs and arms and provides power! They stand with wide open legs on the side of your yoga mat. The rear foot turns in and forms a parallel to the rear side of the mat, the front toe points forward. The anterior leg is flexed until the knee is over the foot, the hind leg remains active and stretched. Imagine pulling the muscles of your thighs to the bones. The upper body remains upright, the view goes forward. Both arms are extended and active. Try to stretch your arms a little further and feel the strength with which you stand on the ground. Perform this exercise on both sides.

morning yoga in bed and beach


From the warrior, go into the triangle: stretch your front leg, turn the upper body forward and let the front arm slide down the front of the leg. Here a block can be helpful, which you put up close to the foot. Be sure to leave the spine long! The rear arm circling forward and then upwards, the fingers now pointing to the sky. The view now also migrates. Breathe five times deep and repeat the exercise on the other side. TRIKONASANA is also a good yoga pose for back pain relief

With the triangle, you can end your exercise sequence, if you want to collect again, you can go well into the prevention. And now: a nice day – namaste!

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