Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Over the last few years, Himalayan Salt Lamps have become quite popular and have subsequently grown much in demand. They are often seen in offices and homes emitting light pink or orange hues creating a soothing atmosphere for people around it. Also known as Himalayan Pink-Salt (HPS), they are basically a big chunk of salt with a wooden base attached to it fitted with a small bulb inside.

The bulb, when glows, creates a pink or orange light due to the colored crystals of salt. They are mined from the western end of Himalayas and are handcrafted to convert into a lamp. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these lamps have a lot of health benefits too.

himalayan salt lamp benefits

Major Himalayan salt lamp benefits

1. They improve air quality

Being hygroscopic in nature, salts have a tendency to absorb water molecules from air. The salt crystals in these lamps also absorb water molecules from the air around it which contains germs, bacteria and other pollutants.
When the water evaporates due to the heat from the lamp the germs get trapped inside the salt. By removing these harmful particles from air, the quality of air improves naturally.

2. Helps in re-energizing

It is well known that getting a dose of negative ions refreshes us. The natural sources of negative ions like beaches and waterfalls instantly revitalize our brain as they increase the flow of oxygen in the brain. Himalayan Salt Lamps are a slow but effective generator of these negative ions.

When the water particles are absorbed and evaporated back in atmosphere, they generate negative ions in this process. While electronic equipment around us constantly generates positive ions, the Himalayan Salt Lamps will not only balance them out but will also re-energize you in this process.

3. Creates a calming and soothing aura

With their pink lights transmitting through the bright salt crystals, these Himalayan Salt Lamps create a beautiful ambiance wherever they are. You can keep them in your office or in your living or study room.

They will sure calm you down even in the most stressful conditions. The warm glow of these lamps is also good for people suffering from anxiety and depression and keeps them stable in difficult situations.

4. Helps in treating allergies

These beautiful lamps are also found to be good for people suffering from various allergies. They help improving the room’s atmosphere by eliminating the hidden allergic particles in the air.

They are also effective in killing the germs and bacteria which causes infections thus freeing us from the fear of seasonal diseases.

5. Good for your sleep

The orange and pink lights of these lamps are found to help in a sound sleep. We generally expose ourselves to the lights emitted through television or cellphones which are known to harm our sleep.

Many people suffer from sleep disorder because of this. The Himalayan Salt Lamps gives an effect of a candlelight which is natural and helps us fall asleep.


These Himalayan salt lamp benefits could be the reason these lamps have gained such widespread recognition. Though its effects are not instantly visible, with continued use, you will also feel the difference like many who already felt it and can now vouch for it.

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