7 Best Moon Lamps Reviewed

Moon Lamp Meaning

A moon lamp is that light source that you will need to complete your home decor. This is because it is designed in a unique manner that enables it to emit light in a special way.

3D printing technology is utilized in its manufacture so that you can see the craters and some spots just like they are formed on the moon. If you select a good quality, you can get realistic light that is ensured by the fact that the lamp will exploit the satellite data from NASA and guarantee this.

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These moon lamps have become popular due to their ability to illuminate the room uniquely. They are the perfect home decor as they recreate that pleasant and warm feeling that is associated with when you are enjoying a tranquil time outdoors. The textured surface of the moon lamp will give that light similar to the original moon

The excellent quality of the moon lamp will recreate that natural mood that is associated with the moon on a cool and quiet night. This will be indoors when you do not want to step out because it might be too cold or windy. You can even carry it along when you go camping and would need a stylish source of light for the camping place. 

The moon light is ideal if you would want to recreate a quiet and peaceful mood while also illuminating the room. The tranquility it brings would be a great source of relaxation when you are out with your family or friends. 

Why you should get a moon lamp for yourself

For first, a moon lamp would be a great space lovers gift to a friend or a relative on their special occasion. You can also give it as a present to a newlywed to add it among their home decors. This is because of its attractive look that is achieved from its unique design.

This type of 3d lamp would be ideal for any occasion; whether you just want to have a relaxing time when at home or you are having a romantic date. This would be possible due to its ability to switch between the color of light it produces. You can select from a soft white to bright yellow colored light. 

This type of lamp would be an excellent choice to go for if you are looking for a convenient lamp source. This is because it can be recharged with a USB charger and this can be done from anywhere provided you carried the charger, and there is a reliable source of power

How to choose an ideal moon lamp for yourself?

Selecting a suitable moon lamp for yourself can be a tricky task since they might all seem the same in terms of what they offer. The features they possess are quite similar, and hence you may not realize one that may suit you quite easily.

However, to be on the safe side when shopping for a good moon lamp, there are several factors that you will have to consider. The following tips will guide you to select a quality and top-performing moon lamp for yourself.

i. The material that the moon lamp is designed with

The material of the moon lamp matters a lot as you need to go for one that will not cause harm to you and its immediate environment. Some poor types of moon lamps are manufactured from harmful materials that pollute and are detrimental to the environment.  

ii. Quality of the design of the moon lamp

The design of the moon lamp should be in an advanced manner that ensures that you get quality for what you are paying. It should be one of those designed with the best and advanced technology around. 

iii. Durability of the moon lamp

It would be a shame to purchase a moon lamp and just a few weeks later you are forced to go shopping for a replacement. This would be because the brand you bought was not designed to be highly durable and thus gets damaged faster and you would need a new one soon.

You can notice if the moon lamp you have is durable by examining its features, if they can easily get damaged, then they would not last that long.

iv. Types of the battery the moon lamp comes with

The battery is the power source of the moon lamp and therefore has to be of exceptional quality. A good type of battery can be spotted if it is certified according to the set standards and also has a more extended cycle capacity.

This will ensure that once it is fully charged, your lamp can be used for long hours without the battery running out. 

v. The texture of the moon lamp

The moon lamp should resemble the moon and this you would notice like its surface texture. It should not be too smooth as this would be similar to any other lamp out there.

Instead, it should look like the moon so that it creates that mood associated with the moon; warm and quiet. This will also ensure that light is emitted from the moon lamp properly and effectively.

vi. The size of the moon lamp

Just like any home decor, the size matters, and it would be wrong to get one which is either too big or too small. As this is a moon lamp, you should get a suitable size that resembles the moon in your home. It should also be the right size so that it fits well in your home.

Therefore, you should consider where you want to place it in your home, whether it is in the living room or your bedroom. Having a big moon lamp would cancel its beautiful nature. 

vii. Packaging of the moon lamp’s brand

The moon lamp is quite a delicate and sensitive device and having it packed in an inferior type of packaging might get it damaged even before you start using it. A lamp that is well packed would be less susceptible to damage and hence there is a low possibility of it getting damaged when being shipped.

viii. Charging port design

You should consider the charging port when selecting your moon lamp as this is the power source of the moon lamp. First of all, it should be one that is designed to be durable and not those that will get damaged easily.

This would mean that you would have to buy a new moon lamp altogether as the one you have can’t be recharged. Secondly, the port should be stylish and not too big as this would make the moon lamp look rather unattractive or unappealing.  

ix. The price of the moon lamp 

Price is a factor that describes the product, in this case, the moon lamp. When the price is set to be too low, then the moon lamp is simply cheap and might not have much to offer.

Similarly, you should not go for an expensive type of moonlight when you can get the same features and the same level of performance from a lower-priced one. Many brands of moonlight are quite affordable and have a lot to offer as well as have top performance when you use them.  

Top of the list moon lamp brands

1. VGAzer Moon Lamp 3D Printing Magnetic Levitating Moon Light Lamp

This might just be the best yet moon lamp that you can buy for yourself. It is designed to be an attractive decor for your home. It has that lavish and luxurious look that would fit your home well.

The fact that the lamp floats in mid-air and can provide a realistic and genuine moon lamp will make your room decor look more attractive than before.


  • Designed with electromagnetic force theory that enables the lamp to float in mid-air without the need for support from any items on its surroundings
  • Its soft white light is greatly relaxing and calming. It is also ideal as it is friendly to the eye and recreates that warm feeling you might want after a long day at work
  • 3D printing here has been done with the best and advanced technology so you can’t get a closer feeling of the moon than this


  • Light in weight, not bulky
  • Designed with an enormous moon texture
  • Soft white bright light is produced in a bright manner
  • The light is not irritating to the eye
  • Comes in an ideal size, 6 inches in diameter 


· Levitating can be quite challenging with this particular brand of moon lamp.

2. SEGOAL 16 Colours LED 5.9 Inch Night Light 3D Print Moon Light Lamps with Stand

It is a unique moon lamp and has 16 quality colors and has four types of modes. This feature you can only get from a few types of moon lamps. It can be recharged with a USB charger and is controlled with either touch mechanism and using a remote control.

For this type of moon lamp to work well, you will need more amps than a normal moon lamp would. Its light is bright enough and does a good job in providing light for a big room or even an entire campsite. 


  • Has four modes for you to choose from, they include flash, strobe, fade or smooth
  • You can choose from multiple varieties of colours, not less than 16of them
  • Can be recharged using a USB charger
  • Controlled by either touch technology or using remote


  • High battery capacity
  • Adequate lumen levels as you will notice in the lamp’s brightness
  • Good choice of a gift
  • No challenge when assembling
  • Rests on a highly durable wooden base that is also creatively crafted


  • Uses 8 watts for its working

3. Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light

This might just be what you need to transform your room to be an eye-catching sight. This is because of the attractive design that makes it so beautiful and a must-have for your home.

You can have it either in your home and even in your office as it comes along with a quality stand that you will surely fall for. You can also use it on your study table as its light intensity can be regulated to one that is suitable for studying. 

It comes with a creatively designed stand that is hand shaped and holds the moon lamp perfectly well. It has been reviewed positively due to its ability to get recharged fast enough and to stay for relatively long hours before running out of power. It also produces light adequately and with proper intensity.  


  • You can choose from wither bright light or warm yellow for the colours you get with this brand of moon lamp
  • Pointing a finger gets the colour of the light, no need or buttons
  • Gets charged in not more than two hours
  • Can be used for as long as eight hours before running out of power
  • You can dim the bright light produced by holding your finger on the lamp’s surface for long


  • Designed with a long-lasting wooden base
  • It is a light moon lamp
  • Long-lasting as it does not get broken easily
  • Would be an ideal gift to a friend
  • an affordable brand


· Poor quality of charging port as it is not that durable

4. BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Moon Night Light  

This is a unique type and brand of a moon lamp that is ideal for maintaining a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

This makes it suitable for camping sites as well as in your living room when you need that relaxation mood after a long day at work. It recreates that calm atmosphere that would be great when you are not busy and would like to clear your head and be gentle.  

This lamp can offer both bright light and warm yellow light that makes it a multipurpose one. Thus, you can use it when studying or when you just want to relax in the evening. It has 3D printing of the craters and the surface of the moon is done with advanced technology.

This makes it look quite elegant, and thus you will have an almost genuine moon in your home!


  • It is designed to offer either bright white light or warm yellow light
  • When fully charged can produce reliable light for up to 24 hours
  • Placing your finger on the lamp would switch between the various types of light it offers


  • Long-lasting PLA material used in its design
  • Has a strong and durable wooden base
  • A good charging port 
  • Can work when it is being recharged


· Assembling the wooden base can be an uphill task

5. Gahaya Seamless Moon Lamp

This is one of those unique and sleek moon lamps that you can get for your home, and it would surely not be disappointing to add onto your home decors. It is designed to stand out from the rest simply, and you will notice this after just one look at it.

Moreover, it is not a threat to the environment as it is eco-friendly, and there should be no worry about it producing toxic gases or chemicals that might pollute the environment or even harm you.  

Apart from its attractive look, it does not require a lot of power, yet it does an excellent job of emitting enough light for illuminating your home.

The USB charger is also designed excellently, and this makes it a convenient moon lamp as it can be recharged even when you are not at home. The printing emulates the moon and is done in an elegant manner that ensures that it looks as close to the moon as possible. 


  • Offers two light colour options, either a fresh white colour or a warm white colour for you to choose from
  • It is energy efficient in that the bulb that produces the light does not need too much power for it to work
  • It is a safe moon lamp as there are no toxic gases produced when you use this lamp
  • Its battery capacity is enough for it to work for close to ten hours without the need of a recharge
  • Can be charged in not more than three hours
  • Works with a single touch on the lamp, a stylish way to switch on a lamp


  • Consumes only 1 watt of power
  • Manufactured from safe polylactic acid 
  • Designed with seamless beneficial features
  • High capacity batteries that are highly reliable 


· Needs to be charged frequently

6. Star Sky 3D Night Light Printing Moon Lamp

This is a moon lamp that will recreate the feeling of a whole night sky, and this is accomplished with the 3D printing. This would mostly suit those who are enthusiasts of the entire galaxy and would fall in love with the printing work on this one. 

ABS and PLA material used for the manufacture will not cause any harm to the environment. You are also safe as there will not be the emission of toxic gases that may harm you.

You can go for this unique moon lamp as it has a variety of colors and combinations that would decorate your home and be highly effective in setting a party mood.  


  • 3D printing is done for the whole universe using greatly attractive colour combinations
  • Designed to be perfectly suitable for a kid’s room or a party
  • You get to select from a total of 16 colours or four types of effects such as flash, strobe, fade or smooth
  • The optic illusion is included in its design which is just an excellent feature


  • Can work for close to 12 hours after being charged
  • A good level of battery capacity
  • Is a multi-coloured moon lamp
  • Can be operated by both touch technique or using a remote


· The 1A battery has to be purchased separately 

7. Upstone 7.1-inch Full Moon Lamp, 3D Moon Lamp

This might just be what you need to transform your room as it is designed to be a fine device. This is because of the beautiful design that makes it so eye-catching.

You can have it either in your home and even in your office as it comes along with a quality stand that you will surely fall for. You just have to get a fitting table and place it on 

It comes with a creatively designed stand that is highly durable. It has received praise due to its ability to produced light at the right intensity and for any type of use. It also provides light adequately and with proper intensity.  


  • It is eco-friendly as it does not produce harmful gases  
  • Can be operated by both a remote control or touch mechanism 
  • You can choose from wither bright light or warm yellow for the colours you get with this brand of moon lamp
  • You can dim the bright light produced by holding your finger on the lamp’s surface for long


  • 10000 hours of battery life
  • Designed with a long-lasting wooden base
  • Made from safe and durable PLA
  • Long-lasting as it does not get broken easily
  • Would be an ideal gift to a friend
  • An affordable brand


  • USB wires get heated during the charging process
  • Its battery can’t be replaced

A suitable type of a moon lamp on a well-crafted wooden stand would complement the beautiful nature of your home. This is whether you place it in the living room or your bedroom. You can also give it to a friend, relative, or a married couple as a gift and they will surely enjoy having one in their house. It might just be the perfect decor your home is missing!

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