How Should Women Choose The Best Harem Pants?

What is a harem pant?

A harem pant (also known as a “harem trouser” or “flared leg trouser”) is an ensemble of loose-fitting pants consisting of three parts:

  • Upper garment: which is usually a long shirt and which flares out to form a skirt.
  • Waistband: sits on the hips and through which a drawstring may be pulled to cinch in the fabric that forms the legs.
  • Leggings: which are worn underneath.

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Why do women prefer wearing harem pants?

A common question, which is hard to answer. The best way would be if the trousers were available in various colors and fabrics. But apparently, it’s not what most women are looking for. So let’s leave out why they like their style so much and take a look at other reasons.

They can be worn with flats, heels, or boots; the latter is especially good for fall and winter days when you don’t want to wear your stilettos (which will sink into the muddy ground). And after all, this kind of hose does provide an opportunity to wear flatforms – shoes that are gaining more popularity among stylists lately because of their futuristic look.

Another benefit of the harem pants is their comfort and easiness of wearing them. The fact that they can be stretched in width more than jeans – for example, to fit a pregnant woman’s hips or be perfect for use by an athlete or dancer – certainly makes them popular among many women.

But what about the style? It’s hard to consider these trousers stylish when you see someone walking down the street with them. But take a look at celebrities’ outfits in magazines, there are lots of beautiful girls dressed in this fashion which make it look very attractive.

Plus, if you are one of those who love experimenting with styles, try wearing your wide-legged pants inside-out. You’ll get a lovely checkered pattern that will definitely give your look an original twist.

So, if you don’t like the idea of wearing ordinary pants, switch to harem ones and enjoy your street style!

What colors or prints should I look for in harem pants?

Harem pants come in so many different colors/colors palettes these days that there is something for everyone out there! Colors that are fun, funky, or even flattering on any skin type are all around. I’ve seen more of a rust/orange color palette for harems which is lovely and flattering!

That being said, some colors/prints may be better to pair with than others, so I’ll go over what you should look for when shopping around.

When shopping for prints, try to find ones with some kind of an earthy tone. Deep reds, oranges, browns, etc., are more easily paired with just about anything, while more bright, vibrant colors can be harder to work into everyday outfits since they’re not as adaptable without clashing against other pieces.

You’ll also want to look for pants that are more of a neutral color with a printed design on top. Typically pants/skirts/dresses that are already made up of multiple colors are harder to pair with since everything has to “match.”

That being said, harem pants are extremely versatile and can be worn pretty much anywhere!

To help you get started, here are some outfit ideas inspired by the prints shown above:

  • Rust Colored Harem Pants – Black & White Striped Button-Up Shirt – Green Longsleeve Turtleneck – Camel Beanie – Brown Handbag
  • Gray Harem Pants – Burgundy Hoodie Sweatshirt – Dark Wash Jeans
  • Navy Blue Harem Pants – Black Striped Turtleneck – Burgundy Cardigan
  • Orange Harem Pants – Brown Leather Ankle-Strap Shoes
  • Green Harem Pants – Light Pink Button-Up Shirt – Camel Cardigan

Do I have to wear heels with harem pants?

It’s been a question buzzing around the online world, “Do I have to wear heels with harem pants?” Many people want to know if they need that extra lift when wearing their exotic styles. While it depends on you and what look you’re going for, we have some tips for those looking into finding the best shoes to match their harems pants.

Here are pretty simple things you can take into consideration before picking out your shoes:

  1. How long will I be wearing my harems? (i.e., Will I be standing most of the time or sitting)
  2. What is the function of my party/event? (i.e., Formal or Casual)
  3. Do I care more about comfort or style?
  4. What color are my harems pants?
  • If you answered “yes” to questions 1 & 2, heels are probably the best choice.
  • If you’re attending an outdoor party that is more casual, flats would be your best bet. A solid color pant will look great with just about any shoe, so nothing too flashy! Please keep it simple and classy for this one.
  • If you answered “yes” to question 3, there are comfy styles out there that sacrifice a little of the style factor but still, get the job done nicely. There are plenty of wedges on the market today that have some cushioning, which is great for your feet! Also, consider buying new insoles for special occasions – just pop them in your shoes for that extra comfort.
  • For those of you who answered “no” to question 1, stick to flats! Flat sandals are great because you can wear them with casual or dressy pants – so they are great for all functions! If it’s hot outside, boat shoes are an excellent alternative to any flat shoe. They have arch support, which is so important when being on your feet all day. Also, consider the color of your pant! A nude tone will match pretty much anything – black shoes may be too harsh against light harems, which is not very flattering.

What is the difference between harem pants and tracksuit bottoms?

Harem pants are often confused with tracksuit bottoms because of their loose and baggy design. Tracksuit bottoms were originally created as athletic clothing for joggers and athletes but have since become casual fashion staples worn by men and women throughout the world.

Rather than featuring panels or layers, tracksuits typically include an elastic waistband that cinches around the body to provide comfort without extra bulk. The style may be made up of one main color or multiple contrasting shades – it is customary to match either the top or bottom of a two-piece tracksuit to the rest of your outfit.

The main difference between harem pants and tracksuit trousers is their construction: harem features multiple panels while tracksuits employ elastic waistbands. Harem pants are made with flowing, loose and oversized silhouettes, while tracksuit pants tend to be much more form-fitting and streamlined.

Tracksuit bottoms were initially created as athletic clothing for runners and athletes, but the style is now becoming a casual fashion staple for men and women worldwide: they can be worn as part of sportswear or used to dress down almost any outfit.

Which celebrities wear harem pants?

Harem pants are also known as wide-legged, baggy, or elephant pants. They are characterized by their shapelessness and can be worn by both men and women. Harem pants were initially designed for the harem of the Ottoman Empire; however, they quickly gained popularity outside of that culture.

Some celebrities who wear harem pants include:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Sean Combs (Puff Daddy)
  • Wayne Gretzky (and all of his children)
  • Lady Gaga
  • Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley
  • Paul McCartney

However, there is some debate about whether or not Sir Paul actually wore them or if he just posed with a pair on to make marketing more effective for Adidas Original Socks.

Harem pants do not have a very positive stereotype. Because of their loose-fitting style, harem pants are often associated with the poor and unsophisticated. This is why people think that celebrities who wear them must be either poor or unsophisticated, which isn’t necessarily true.

Sometimes people choose to wear harem pants because they have been influenced by hip-hop culture, which shares a history of being associated with poverty and crime; however, just because someone wears a certain type of clothing doesn’t mean that they approve of everything related to it.

In actuality, Sean Combs used his influence in the fashion industry to promote harem pants as a stylish item among the upper-class youth of America.


Since harem pants are what they are – wide at the bottom – there can be no doubt about their comfort. They sit on your body loosely without binding or squeezing you. The bagginess allows plenty of mobility even when sitting. And overall, it looks pretty cool too! Women feel free to move around in these pants, thanks to their very nature.


What is the Harem Pants History & Meaning?

The first harem pants date back nearly 2000 years. Men in Eastern culture wore trousers as a traditional garment under the name of Dhoti.

Over history, this traditional garment went through design changes, becoming today tulip-shaped trousers. Originally designed only for men, these baggy trousers are now trending women’s clothes, especially in Yoga practice or just as fashionable wear.

Harem pants were traditionally thought to have been introduced into India by Arab invaders who ruled over North Africa and the southern Mediterranean coast during the Middle Ages.

Harem pants became popular in Constantinople in the 13th century, where women wore them under their dresses for modesty when riding horses. They also wore these pants under their dresses in Baghdad during the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258 AD).

Harem pants became an essential component of Muslim women’s fashion and were worn by most upper-class women in Central and West Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and later in Ottoman Turkey. They reflected a woman’s taste in textiles and ornament, social status, region, era, class, tastes, and preferences.

The term “harem” was used to denote the part of a household reserved for the women or guarded by eunuchs where female guests could be received away from prying male eyes.

Harem pants are not supported by other evidence found through archaeological research nor mentioned in historical documents that denote they were an essential article of clothing worn by Muslim women.

Harem pants were not mentioned in the literature. There are no historical records or evidence that they were an important article of clothing worn by Muslim women during the Byzantine, Abbasid, and Ottoman.

This absence makes it difficult to accept that harem pants (harem trousers) played such a significant role in Muslim women’s fashion as is often portrayed in books and media articles about Islamic dress today.

What types of tops go with Harem Trousers?

It mostly depends on the style that you want to carry. If you want to give a casual look, tank tops would look great with harem trousers. For a day out with a friend, people prefer wearing crochet tops. If you are using pants for doing yoga, then an active top, which won’t restrict your movement in any way, would be best.

Are there some specific shoes to be worn with boho trousers?

Kitten heels and toe pumps look good with boho trousers. You might want to carry some high heels, especially with fabric harem pantaloons.

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