The Boho Bag: A Fashion Staple for All Seasons

There is no boho outfit without the boho bag. It’s an essential piece of boho fashion. You’ll be wearing boho dresses and skirts with slip-on boho shoes, so having a boho bag will complete your boholicious look!

There are many different ways to wear boho bags that you can find in the market today. Even if it shows fringe or beads at first glance, you can still pair it with modern clothes. You just need to know how to do it properly so you won’t look like a poser in them!

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What are Boho Bags?

As others would like to call it, Boho bags or hippie handbags are a type of handbag that closely resembles the traditional woven baskets made by indigenous people in Mexico, South America, and other parts of Central America.

It is characterized by its unique design and extensive detail. The designs are usually hand-woven using leather or suede strips to form intricate patterns with beads, sequins, cowry shells, macaw feathers, and even small mirrors.

Boho bags come in several shapes like round boxes (with flat way), saddlebags (similar to satchels), and trapezoidal ones that are tapered at the top. They also come in different finishes, including cowhide embossed or laminates, smooth or pebble grain leathers, ceramic bead embellishment, and brightly colored woven cotton lining.

Since the early 2000s, boho bags became a staple in designer handbags and were seen as a trendy and artistic take on traditional ethnic weaving techniques. Apart from high-end designers like Alexander McQueen, Roksanda Ilincic, Tom Ford, and Roberto Cavalli that incorporated boho elements into their designs, popular brands such as Coach also adopted this design language to appeal to the modern woman.

Fast forward today; there are now dozens of other brands that design and sell boho-inspired handbags at different price points, catering to different kinds of audiences.

Boho bags are generally made of very lightweight material. They can be worn over the shoulder; they resemble a purse or satchel, but they are not meant to carry many items. Boho sandals share the same philosophy as boho bags; they look like wearing nothing at all.

A boho bag can be used to enhance your outfit by adding that little extra touch of color or texture; it is generally an accessory; that cheap ten dollars bohemian straw bag you bought on vacation has no business in this category. What we’re aiming for here are quality and style. Two factors that will make these accessories last for several seasons if cared for properly.

Boho bags come in different shapes and colors. Some remind you of south seagrass baskets, while others have a more ethnic look. In the past few seasons, boho bags have been very popular among celebrities and fashionistas around the world.

What does Boho mean?

The word boho is believed to have originated in the early 20th century with bohemian, meaning people living unconventional lifestyles. The 60s counterculture movement repopularized the term.

Suddenly, hundreds of folks adopting earth-friendly lifestyles found themselves looking for a way to define their culture (and perhaps justify their new haircuts). They looked back to the beatniks and found that boho had been used in reference to them at some point; they liked it and began using it themselves.

“Boho-chic” describes things like Bohemian rhapsody, free spirits, Birkenstocks, nonlinear thinking… all of which might be associated with vegans who drive Priuses or compost but still enjoy animal products like leather, fur, or honey.

What made Boho Bags Trend?

Boho bags are a type of cross-body bag that bears similarities to a handbag. A boho bag can be carried as a purse or as a backpack. Designs for boho bags vary from simple styles to boho designs with fringe and tassels adding to the style of the purse.

There are several reasons why people opt for boho bags instead of regular handbags. One reason is that bohos have a better storage capacity than regular purses, being able to hold more items in less space. The strap on bohos also enables users to sling their boho over one shoulder so they can carry it around hands-free, freeing up both hands for other tasks such as carrying packages or holding onto a stroller.

Boho bags also tend to go better with boho outfits, such as bohemian-style dresses and boho maxi dresses. Many boho purses are made of natural fibers, such as cotton and linen. Cotton boho bags come in different boho print patterns that include: Hawaiian boho bags, Aztec boho bags, and festival boho bags. The designs on these cotton bohos usually involve simple prints, making them easy to match up with everyday outfits.

Linen bohos can be great for traveling because they take less space than cotton or cloth bohos. Some unique types of linens used for making boho purses include Silk Dupioni Bags, Antique French Bags, and Vintage Japanese Shibori boho bags. These boho purses are incredibly unique because they’re made out of silk – a material that does not easily wrinkle.

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Boho bags come in many different styles. There are boho clutches, boho tote bags, messenger boho bags, boho rucksacks, boho pouches, and shoulder bags.

For example, there are bohos with shoulder straps made of leather, cotton, or even braided cord. Other materials used to make bohos include recycled fabrics such as old clothes or saris sewn into new shapes. Other types of bohemian purses include fringe purses which have fringes at the bottom, while slouch boho bags have a loose-fitting top.

Boho bags are usually preferred by people who embrace boho culture and boho fashion. However, even if you’re not boho friendly, boho purses can be just the thing you need to glam up your outfit or add some pizzazz to your bohemian attire.

You can also opt for boho bag charms which come in different styles, such as leather boho bag charms, colorful boho bag charms, and wooden boho bag charm earrings. These bohos can make great gifts, too, and they tend to be more affordable than actual bohos.

Sometimes, it’s fun to accessorize with gold boho bag charm chains or silver braided boho bag charm bracelets for boho style bags.

Are Boho Bags only for Hippies?

Many of us have a preconceived notion about boho bags: we think they’re only for hippies. However, the truth is that boho bags are for everyone, young and old. Let’s explore some reasons why anyone can wear a boho bag to add some fun and dimension to their outfit.

1. Boho Bags Can be Stylish – Just because a bag has fringe does not mean it belongs in your grandmother’s closet! The boho style is a way of dressing that incorporates many elements, from bohemian chic to gypsy flair. Any fashionista can find a way to incorporate this look into her wardrobe with the right accessories. This means any woman can accessorize with a fringe handbag without looking “overdone.”

2. Boho Bags Can be Practical – While not every boho bag is an ideal everyday accessory, there are many styles out there that would work in almost any situation. There are also stylish ways to pair a boho bag with outfits for work or play. Not only can you wear these bags with jeans and your boots but they pair well with skirts and dresses! I wonder if hippies wore boho bags?

3. Boho Bags Are Versatile – Let’s face it; we all get tired of wearing the same old things over and over again. Try something like a fringe handbag if you want to add some creativity and interest to your regular wardrobe! The world of bohemian fashion has endless possibilities for pairing accessories with every outfit in your closet. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a cocktail dress, there’s a boho bag that will pair well!

4. Boho Bags Can be Accessorized – Because there are so many styles of bohemian handbags available, it doesn’t mean you need to own each one. Instead, just pick the ones that speak to your style! You can mix and match almost any fringe bag with another accessory for an entire ensemble. Imagine wearing an ornate waist belt with your boho fringe crossbody. Just play around with some statement earrings like dangle tassel earrings, pins, rings, etc. The possibilities are endlessly flowing from the trendiest pieces of all.

5. Boho Bags Can be Thrifty – While this trend did grow out of a hippie movement, there are so many bags out there that would fit the style but cost a fraction of money on the price tag. There is no need to spend a lot of money on bags when they can be handmade in all shapes, colors, and sizes for free or almost free. I had the idea that it would be fun to create a simple crochet pattern for a funky striped purse that can be used as an alternative to buying something new. What’s more eco-friendly than making use of an old sweater and turning it into something new?

There’s nothing stopping you from wearing these fringe bags during any season. Whether it’s cold outside with a knit scarf to beat the chill or in balmy weather while strolling along on vacation, make sure to wear your next boho bag. After all, we think it’s a lot more than just for hippies!

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