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Buddhist Bracelets

Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets Meaning

Buddhist Bracelets are used in Buddhist culture when praying, reading mantras, and performing rituals. Tibetan Bracelets are not just an unordinary fancy accessory, The Buddha bead bracelet consists of increasing inner energy and healing all negative diseases.

These beautiful lucky knot bracelets are handmade by Tibetan Buddhists in a variety of different colors. They are the newest trend in yoga jewelry, handmade by Tibetan Buddhists in a variety of different colors imbued with potent energies and sacred meaning to infuse your practice.

Why Wear Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets

Patiently hand-made by Tibetan artisans, the beads are carefully selected to create the best Buddhist jewelry.

These bracelets improve meditation and mindfulness and empower people to live with intention. Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets are blessed, and a reminder to set intentions and manifest dreams.

We’ve handpicked 5 best selling Buddhist Bracelets for you to choose from. No matter your style, we’re sure that these bracelets will enhance your meditation, increase the power of your wishes and stimulate a sense of awareness!

  1. Lucky Handmade Buddhist Knots Rope Bracelets

Tibetan Mantra Bracelets

Red Sandalwood Mantra Bracelet

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Tibetan Mantra Bracelet

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Mala Beads Bracelets

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