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16 Best 3D Hologram Lamps Reviewed

If you love trendy gears and technology, then 3D hologram lamps should be in your shopping list. These lamps are an impressive home decor specially for kids. What is 3D Illusion Hologram Lamps? This lamp is composed of a shaped drawn acrylic with base equipped with LED lights. The shape is drawn on a 2D object and features glowing […]

20 Best Essential Oil Bracelets To Buy In 2018

Essential oil bracelets are more than just a piece of jewelry – they are said to have healing and spiritual properties.For many yogis, bracelets offer the unique privilege and show off their style. In this post We have featured a big  list of stunning yoga beaded bracelets ranging from stylish spiritual beaded bracelets to healing and meaningful ones […]

Best Buddha Paintings For Living Room And Home

Buddha paintings are visual representations of the life and preaching of Buddha and the core philosophies underlying the Buddhist religion. Sometimes as exquisite pictorial images and sometimes as symbolic configurations the Buddhist paintings not only reflect art and aesthetics but also exert a profound moral value underneath their artistry. In this digital age where human […]

Best Ocean Waves Night Light Projector review

The ocean waves night light projector creates a wonderful and soothing experience for the upward looking child. This Ceiling Projector also helps adults who want to keep their children quiet during the nights. The number of colors on offer are myriad, and the rotatable display angles truly brings the ocean to your ceiling. This is […]

Jade Face Roller Benefits

A Jade face roller is a skin care tool which is usually used for massaging faces. In in many eastern cultures, people have used jade stone for centuries and they believe that the stone has spiritual protection and healing properties. Beauty enthusiasts have created numerous ways of performing skincare. Time honored traditions have changed total […]

Yoga Burn Reviews: Is it Really RIGHT For You?


Yoga Burn system by Zoe Bray Cotton Review At last, an everyday solution to natural weight loss, body toning, and weight and strength management! With the market filled with numerous so-called’ weight loss products, some as ridiculous as their names, it is becoming quite a challenge to know what and who to trust for a […]