Hamsa Hand Meaning and Origin

  What is the Hamsa Hand Meaning? Hand of Fatima or Hamsa meaning. The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol in the Buddhist culture. It is a famous talismanic symbol that people believed to protect them from harm against the evil eye and bring them happiness, luck, good health, and good […]

Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits

Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits explined

  What exactly is a Sri Yantra? The word Yantra means “to receive” or “to support”. Sri Yantras are ritual diagrams from the Vedic, Hindu and Tantric cultures, which are said to have a great effect. There are 3 Characteristics for a Sri Yantra: a geometric figure, 2 circles with lotus leaves and the outer […]

Elephant Mandala Symbolism

elephant mandala

All About Elephant Mandala Meaning       Emerging from the Indian traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, the intricate elephant mandala patterns represent both the “internal universe” of the person creating the mandala, as well as the universe at large and the person’s connection to it. A mandala (which simply means “circle” in Sanskrit) can help […]

Geometric Mandala Meaning

geometric mandala meaning image

Geometric Mandala Meaning Geometric mandala is a representation of the cosmos, earth, and the underworld. The origin of mandalas can be traced back to India. The Mandala meaning is derived from one of the ancient languages of India, Sanskrit, It means the magical circle. Despite their origins, the use of mandalas can be found all […]