Hamsa Hand Meaning and Origin

  What is the Hamsa Hand Meaning? Hand of Fatima or Hamsa meaning. The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol in the Buddhist culture. It is a famous talismanic symbol that people believed to protect them from harm against the evil eye and bring them happiness, luck, good health, and good […]

5 Meditation Techniques For Effective Meditation

  5 Meditation Techniques For Effective Meditation There are several different meditation techniques that a person can practice. The important thing is to find a meditation technique that you are comfortable with and try to stick with that one. If you tend to bounce around from one meditation technique to the other you will not […]

20 Best Essential Oil Bracelets To Buy In 2018

Best Essential oil bracelets – Aromatherapy Bracelets To Buy   Essential oil bracelets are more than just a piece of jewelry – they are said to have healing and spiritual properties. For many yogis, bracelets offer the unique privilege and show off their style.   In this post, We have featured a big list of […]

Best Buddha Paintings For Living Room And Home

Best Buddha Canvas Paintings For Living Room And Home   Buddha paintings are visual representations of the life and preaching of Buddha and the core philosophies underlying the Buddhist religion. Sometimes as an exquisite pictorial image and sometimes as symbolic configurations the Buddhist paintings not only reflect art and aesthetics but also exert a profound moral […]

5 Powerful Yoga Symbols to Enhance a Yogic Lifestyle

What are the most important symbols for understanding yoga – what do they mean Yoga lifestyle revolves around some very empowering ideas – the possibility of unity and harmony between the elements of the universe, reaching a heightened meditative consciousness, a consistent state of joyfulness and equivalence to the ups and downs in life. Imbibe […]

The Powerful Lotus Flower Meaning

  Lotus Flower Meaning: What is the Symbolism Behind the Lotus Long before the beautiful lotus flower became an iconic symbol of significant meaning in Buddhism, it was cherished for its ability to create a beautiful flower from mud-soaked roots. This juxtaposition between mud and the lotus flower is a symbol of purity both in […]

The Benefits Of Wearing Chakra Jewelry

The 7 Chakra Jewelry meaning And benefits The human body is believed to have Chakras-energy vortexes,’ that correspond to certain feelings or emotions throughout the spine. For example, the feeling of love tends to pervade the heart whereas happiness tends to pervade the lumbar region. The chakras basically bring us back to a state of […]

Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits

Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits explined

  What exactly is a Sri Yantra? The word Yantra means “to receive” or “to support”. Sri Yantras are ritual diagrams from the Vedic, Hindu and Tantric cultures, which are said to have a great effect. There are 3 Characteristics for a Sri Yantra: a geometric figure, 2 circles with lotus leaves and the outer […]

Sri Yantra Meditation – All There Is To Know

sri yantra meditation

Before starting the Sri yantra meditation one has to ensure they are seated in a comfortable position and then place the yantra directly in front of them about 1-2 feet away or gaze at it on a screen. Watch the yantra while focusing on the center. At the center is a dot known as Bindu, […]

Mandala Tapestry Meaning

mandala tapestry meaning

  Mandala tapestry designs are ancient, spiritual emblem in the sacred religion of Hinduism and Buddhism, symbolizing the universe. This classical design had a remarkable influence in giving historical knowledge and spiritualism of the universe. From generations to modern times, mandala has become a collective term used to describe any drawing or form that shows […]