Chakra Wand Meaning and Use

The metaphysical properties of healing crystals can be harnessed for healing and meditation purposes – and there’s no more beautiful way to do it than with a gorgeous crystal chakra wand healing tool!

The chakra system is an integral part of Eastern holistic medicine, and understanding these energy centers can help you to live a more balanced and healthy life. In yoga philosophy, there are seven major chakras (energy hubs) in the body that compose the human energy system. To keep all your chakras healthy, it’s important to maintain awareness of them and learn about their functions and attributes.

What Is a Chakra Wand?

A chakra wand is one of the healing energy tools we can use when we take time to heal and/or balance our centers. It is a crystal wand shape with chakra crystals associated with each chakra in the correct order.

The wand itself can be big or small, a crystal itself, or an object in the shape of a wand. The crystals can adhere to the chakra wand in any way with crystals in any shape or size.

The physical appearance of the wand doesn’t matter so much, as the energy from within ourselves and coming from the wand is what matters when we are healing. It is important to be in a place where you can close your eyes and get the peace you need for this journey.

How Do Crystal Chakra Wands Work?

Having a crystal chakra wand is one way to keep your 7 chakras balanced. Chakras can all be out of whack at one time.

We can have a majority of them centered with only a few needing attention or we can have a majority of them off balance with a couple tuned inappropriately.

They can be blocked completely or overactive. Unblocking chakras in different steps to re-balance using a chakra wand. Chakras are energy centers within our body that help regulate all its processes from organ function to mental clarity.

While there are more than we can comprehend, there are 7 main chakras that begin at the base of our spine and go up and out through the top of our head.

How to Use a Crystal Chakra Wand on Yourself

The crystal chakra wand can simply be near you during this, in your hand, under your body, anywhere really. Wherever it feels right. Controlled breathing is first, which will help place you in your ‘place’ later on.

Once you relax your entire body and connect your root chakra as far deep into the ground as you can imagine, release all your tensions and fall heavy enough into where you are so that you can leave yourself there and internally nourish each center with the aid of your chakra wand.

From the bottom, we have our Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye, and finally our Crown chakra. Each chakra can be out of balance for many reasons.

Again, your chakra wand does not have to be in your hand. It can be in your hand ‘in your head’ hovering over each center as you shower yourself with mantras associated with each chakra and envision yourself surrounded by the associated color.
Mini Quartz Chakra Wand

Healing Chakras

The chakras are individually connected to a specific part of our bodies and a specific part of our emotions. Healing and caring for our chakras will reflect the energy we give off and the aura we have around ourselves. The energy centers all work together to create harmony and good function within our bodies and minds.

These seven magnificent centers hold the power within us. Whether we are not feeling well or being super clingy to our significant other, there’s a way to hone in on ourselves and find out where the imbalance is. We start by quieting the mind and listening to what our bodies are saying.

Our first chakra, the Root Chakra is at the base of our spine and is the center of our safety and security., when it is balanced we are grounded. We feel safe, secure, and happy to be alive. When our root chakra is blocked, we are fearful, anxious, financially unstable, and unsure. An overactive center would cause moments of greed, materialism, and a deep want for power.

The color red is associated with our root chakra. Earthy scents such as patchouli or cedarwood are helpful with balancing. Garnet is good for the root chakra along with the Tiger’s Eye, and red jasper.

The Sacral Chakra, our ‘center of sexuality is located in the lower abdomen below the navel. We are full of passion, optimism, and creativity accompanied by a healthy libido when our Sacral Chakra is balanced. When it is blocked we can’t find our creativity, we become isolated with a fear of intimacy. On the other side of that, when we are overactive within that center, we are overemotional, fixated on sex, and manipulative.

Orange is the color of the second chakra along with some floral scents such as Clary Sage and Rose. Brown Aventurine and Carnelian are both stones that benefit this center. In our upper abdomen, two inches above our navel lies our Solar Plexus Chakra. The ‘shining gem’ is the core of our personality and identity. When balanced, we feel confident, we have our drive, and we feel in control with a good self-image. When we are critical and domineering, busy being perfectionists, our yellow center is overactive.

Feeling powerless with an inferiority complex is a sign of a blocked center. Fire is the element associated with the Solar Plexus, lighting candles with certain scents is effective when working on this part of ourselves. Lime, frankincense, and lemon are a few essential oils that can be worn or inhaled throughout the day to keep the balance. Citrine and other yellow stones help center this vortex.

Our Heart Chakra is associated with the element air and the color green. It is located in the region of the heart. It connects us to our emotional selves. When our Heart Chakra is balanced we feel peaceful, loving, and compassionate.
Crystal chakra wand Properties and Powers

Crystal Chakra Wand Properties and Powers

When we are overactive within this part of ourselves we are codependent and jealous. We tend to give too much in these times. When we are blocked here, we are hateful with trust issues.

We are bitter about a lack of empathy. Green crystals go along with this chakra and could be used on a chakra crystal wand. Some of these would be jade, peridot, or emerald. The Throat Chakra connects us to our expressive selves.

Confidence in our expression and clear communication indicate a balanced Throat Chakra. When we are opinionated, use harsh words, and become gossipy, we are overactive in our throat region.

When we are blocked here, we can’t express ourselves properly, we are misunderstood and we aren’t good listeners. Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, or Kyanite could be added to a chakra wand representing this center.

Third Eye Chakra refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The indigo center is located in between our eyes. When we are imaginative and intuitive with clear thoughts, our center is balanced.

Nightmares, delusion, and hallucinations are signs of an overactive chakra while poor judgments, lack of focus, and poor imagination point to it being blocked. Connecting with the ocean is good for this chakra.

Light is the element paired and Amethyst or Moonstone can be used for crystal healing with his Chakra. The seventh chakra located at the top of our head connects us to our higher consciousness and regulates our wisdom and spirituality.

The Crown Chakra can be strengthened by decorating our space with violets. Universal love is felt when we are balanced here.

We are aware and understanding. When we are blocked here we have learning difficulties and weak faith. Spiritual addiction and being judgmental are signs of an overactive center.

Violet and white are the colors associated with the crown chakra and quartz stones can be used to heal this chakra whether by placing it in our pocket or adding it to a chakra wand.

There are countless ways we can balance ourselves. All of our chakras together in harmony present our balanced selves. When a part of us is out of sync our days can be thrown off in all areas of our lives.

Balancing our chakras can be done with, as mentioned above, specific crystals, chakra jewelry, scents, foods, different parts of mother nature, sounds, or positions. We can use all of these things together, as a mixture, or one at a time.

It’s important to tune in and understand which needs attention, which may need less attention, and how to quiet your mind enough to connect to your inner self.

As a real chakra bracelet, the chakra wand can be in your hand lightly touching each area as you breathe in happiness and gratitude into the chakra that you’re balancing and breathing out anger, jealousy, or whichever emotion you are ridding.

Final Thoughts: Wand Your Way

Crystal chakra wands are a powerful tool for promoting balance and healing within the body. By using specific crystals to target individual chakras, these wands can help restore the flow of energy throughout the body and promote a sense of well-being. Whether you are new to the world of crystals or a seasoned practitioner, a crystal chakra wand is a wonderful addition to any spiritual or healing practice. With their beauty, versatility, and potential for positive impact, a valuable tool for anyone seeking to align their chakras and promote healing on all levels.

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