Distance Bracelets For Couples

Meaning of Distance Bracelets

Distance bracelets were created to help you to keep someone close to you when he or she is far away. Have a piece of your loved one always with you to remind you that no matter how far, you are loved by them and they are loved by you.

Long Distance Bracelets: 5 Uncovered Awesome Styles

Let long Distance Bracelets symbolize those forces that connect each of you once again. When you take the order at our online shop, you will receive two Bracelets. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang each of you can wear one with a piece of each other always with you.

Give this meaningful present to her or him, and show them your love.

Available in 5 Options: Black with white, Blue Turquoise, Pink, Red, and Tiger Eye.

Natural Stone Bracelets Set

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How do they work?

These couple bracelets were designed for each person to wear wherever they are in the world. And the concept of one different colored bead on an adjustable distance relationships bracelet or each bracelet having a similar bead is meant to represent that a piece of the other person like boyfriend is always with you and how long you’ve been separated by it.


What does a Distance Bracelet Mean?

The intention behind these Long Distance relationship accessories is to send love from afar and Grow closer together wherever you are!

What is the most Popular Distance Bracelet?

The most common one is made from natural or plastic beads with different colors, every single bead is a reminder of the other bracelet’s color and the one who wears it.

What is the sentiment behind Wearing Promise Bracelet?

These Promise bracelets for couples are made for those far apart to feel connected. When distance and time take someone apart from you. know you have a piece of them with you at all times when you wear this long-distance matching jewelry.

Where can you Buy Distance Bracelets?

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