5 Best Long Distance Bracelets

Distance Bracelets Meaning

Distance bracelets are a set of beaded elastic bracelets that match each other in color or design scheme.

Distance Bracelets Story

The intention of these relationship bracelets set is to be worn by two people in some kind of significant relationship who deeply care about one another but are, unfortunately, separated by distance and long to feel a connection to each other.

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When you take the order, you will receive two Bracelets. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang each of you can wear one of these long-distance relationship jewelry with a piece of each other always with you. So let Distance Bracelet symbolizes those forces that connect each of you once again.

Natural Stone Bracelets Set

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Black And Red Distance Bracelets
Pink And Black Distance Bracelets
Black And Blue Turquoise Distance Bracelets
Tiger Eye Stone Distance Bracelets


How Do Distance Bracelets Work?

Distance bracelets were designed for each person to wear wherever they are in the world. And the concept of one different colored bead on a bracelet or each bracelet having a similar bead is meant to represent that a piece of the other person is always with you no matter the distance and how long you’ve been separated by it.

Recommend Long Distance Couples jewelry

Every relationship in the world is different because they each consist of various types of people who see and feel things in their own way, so the reason behind these couple’s bead bracelets is different but just as significant for each couple wearing them.



What does a Distance Bracelet Mean?

Distance bracelets or promise bracelets are a matching bracelet set for couples. The intention behind these bracelets is to send love from afar and Grow closer together wherever you are!

The most common distance bracelets are made from natural or plastic beads with different colors, every single bead is a reminder of the other bracelet’s color and the one who wears it.

What is the sentiment behind Wearing Distance Bracelets?

These Promise bracelets for couples are made for those far apart to feel connected. When distance and time take someone apart from you. know you have a piece of them with you at all times when you wear this long-distance jewelry.

Where can you Buy Distance Bracelets?

The Yoga Mandala Shop: Distance Bracelets


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