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Distance Bracelets

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Distance Bracelets Meaning

These Bracelets are made for those far apart to feel connected. When the distance and time take someone apart from you. know you have a piece of them with you at all times.

Distance bracelets are a set of beaded elastic bracelets that match each other in color or design scheme. The intention of these relationship bracelets set is to be worn by two people in some kind of significant relationship who deeply care about one another but are, unfortunately, separated by distance and long to feel a connection to each other.

When you take the order, you will receive two connected Bracelets. Just like the concept of Yin and Yang each of you can wear one of them with a piece of each other always with you. So let Long Distance Bracelet symbolizes those forces that connect each of you once again.

The original design of distance bracelets consisted of one bracelet having all white beads and one black bead while the other bracelet had black beads and one white bead. That one different colored bead is meant to represent the other person in your relationship and that you have a piece of them with you where you are.

Turquoise Distance Bracelets

As the demand for these bracelets grew and the customers provided their feedback on what they wanted for their specific relationships or circumstances, the number of color combinations and designs expanded. There are now distance bracelets in various styles, such sets with similar crown beads.

Also, there are now sets with different color combinations, including pink and black versions of the bracelets as well as orange and black versions. All distance bracelets are made with beads strung together by a strong elastic cord and they should be rolled on and off the wrist to ensure they will last for years to come.

Tiger Eye Distance Bracelets

How Do Long Distance Bracelets Work?

Distance bracelets were designed for each person to wear theirs wherever they are in the world. And the concept of one different colored bead on a bracelet or each bracelet having a similar bead is meant to represent that a piece of the other person is always with you no matter the distance and how long you’ve been separated by it.

The idea of distance bracelets came to the founders of this design when they were having and struggling with a long-distance relationship. They relied on technology to keep in touch as they were separated by over 1,700 miles. Long-distance relationships are challenging, especially when wanting to keep a strong connection, and while technology helps, they still felt as if they needed something more to feel closer and connected to one another and, thus, in a desire to close the gap, the idea of distance bracelets was born.

Pink Distance Bracelets

At first, the explanation of what the distance bracelets represent and the story about who they were originally created by makes it seem like they are only meant for couples who are in a serious long-distance relationship. However, they are not the only kind of duos these bracelets are geared for.

What Is The Best Gift For Long Distance Relationship?

There are different kinds of relationships and love in the world and these bracelets can be worn by anyone. Family and friends can also benefit from the connection created by distance bracelets. They can be used by close family members who live far away from each other or who are not able to be in the same place at the same time often.

Long Distance Bracelets

A parent may want to give one to their child who is moving out of the house they grew up in to make a life of their own somewhere else as a reminder that they will always be there for them with love and support. Best friends going off to different colleges or to fulfill their career dreams miles away from each other could also wear these relationship bracelets to always be reminded of the love and support their best friend has for them.

Distance bracelets are meant for anyone wanting to feel a connection to someone or as a symbol for themselves, or the world, of the relationship they have with someone they love and care about. They are given as gifts and worn to show someone that you’ll always be there for them, no matter the length of time or amount of distance keeping you from not being near each other.

They are given as a promise to someone that you will find your way back to one another one day and that you will see each other again. Every relationship in the world is different because they each consist of various types of people who see and feel things in their own way, so the reason behind the bracelet can be different but just as significant for each couple wearing them.

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