The Sri Yantra Effects

The Sri Yantra Effects brings material and spiritual wealth into our lives. This Yantra has been in use for thousands of years. Shri Yantra belongs to the motifs of Sacred Geometry and is regarded as one of the strongest symbols.

It stands for life energy and love energy. This wonderful motif connects us to our chakra and thus allows direct access to our heart. The symbol of the Sri Chakra Yantra is due to the very high vibration that builds up a strong energy field that surrounds us.

It is said that a Sri Yantra is the strongest Yantra in the universe to gain material and spiritual wealth.

Sri Chakra Yantra is one of the most important and powerful Yantras. It is able to influence the whole life. The Sri Yantra contains a total of 2816 energies. The worship of this Yantra is that all these energies are revered. It is the source to reach all earthly desires and fulfill all desires through the cosmic power.

The construction of the Sri Yantra

The Shri Yantra consists of a structure of nine triangles around a center. The center should stand for the beginning of all things. There are four triangles pointing upwards. There are five more triangles, which are supposed to be the female aspect. Looking closely, you can see 43 small triangles in the Sri Yantra.

In India, the Sri Yantra can be found in almost every household. It has a special significance there and is very appreciated by the Indians.

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