Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet: Meaning, Benefits & Rules

Feng Shui is a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity in the ancient Chinese practice. The Pixiu is a mythical creature believed to have the power to attract wealth and good fortune. It is often depicted as a lion-like creature with a powerful and fierce appearance.

Feng Shui Pixiu Black Obsidian Bracelet is typically made of black obsidian, a powerful grounding stone that is said to protect against negative energy and bring good luck.

The Pixiu bracelet is worn to symbolize wealth and prosperity and is believed to bring good luck and financial success to the wearer. It is also believed to have protective powers, helping to ward off negative energy and evil spirits.

Discover the history and meaning of the Feng Shui Pixiu Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet, and how to choose and incorporate the right one for you into your daily life. We will also provide tips on how to care for your Pixiu bracelet and how to wear it in a way that is meaningful and empowering.

Whether you are looking to improve your financial situation or simply want to attract good luck and positive energy, the Pixiu bracelet can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

Feng Shui, which translates to “wind-water,” is an ancient Chinese philosophy that looks at our surroundings and how they interact with us. A practice that aims to allow one to live harmoniously with their environment.

Feng Shui bracelets, also referred to as prosperity bands, are a popular accessory among those seeking to infuse their lives with positive energy, or lucky charms to carry with them in daily life.

The traditional Chinese belief system behind feng shui is that the flow of energy through our environment can affect the flow of chi within us—our life force.

The act of surrounding yourself with objects (like a bracelet) that have symbolic meaning or are imbued with certain energies (like good luck, love, health, or wealth) can essentially “channel” these positive energies into you. These healing bracelets and necklaces can be made from various materials, such as jade, crystal, tiger’s eye, and rose quartz.

There are many different styles and each one has a different meaning. The most popular style features semi-precious gemstones like amethyst and onyx. However, since this type of jewelry represents your intentions for a specific outcome or result in your life (love, wealth, health), it’s important to choose stones that resonate with you. For example, if you are hoping for more love in your life, a heart-shaped stone like a ruby would be an ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for career success or increased wealth, consider tiger’s eye or black onyx. Choosing the right semi-precious gemstone that works for you has always been one of the main considerations.

Semi-precious gemstones are considered lucky because they are associated with prosperity and abundance. They also have healing properties such as balancing the yin and yang energies or calming energy.

Apart from these semi-precious gemstones, charms are also another thing to consider. Charms usually bring good luck and health. They can be found on many Feng Shui bracelets including coins, a pair of Mandarin ducks, or a Yin Yang symbol.

Chinese characters are another consideration. They may have different meanings in different cultures, but they generally represent good fortune. Lastly, colorful symbols that represent happiness or good health are most likely a factor when choosing the type of bracelet that best suits the type of energy that you want to attract.

Feng Shui Bracelet

One particular bracelet that has become popular in the wealth section is the Pixiu bracelet. This type of bracelet has a distinct look. Made from volcanic glass, this bracelet is a great starting point for anyone looking to build a strong foundation of prosperity and good luck. This bracelet also helps to bring wealth and abundance into one’s life, helping the owner acquire more money and never let it leave.

Tiger Obsidian (also called Tiger Eye) is the most popular Pixiu bracelet due to its smooth texture and deep black color. However, any type of obsidian can be used for this purpose. The Feng Shui bracelet will bring about a sense of control over your life because it will prevent wealth and abundance from ever leaving home or the owner’s work.

Benefits of Wearing a Feng Shui Bracelet

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you start wearing a Feng Shui bracelet:

Attraction of Wealth and Prosperity

One of the most compelling reasons to wear a Feng Shui bracelet is its ability to attract wealth and prosperity. Many of these bracelets feature the Pi Xiu, a mythical creature revered for its power to draw in money and protect it. Wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet can help you harness this powerful symbol to boost your financial luck and invite greater prosperity into your life.

Promotion of Positive Energy (Chi)

In Feng Shui, the flow of positive energy, or chi, is essential for a balanced and harmonious life. A Feng Shui bracelet helps to enhance this flow by aligning your personal energy with the natural forces around you. Whether you’re dealing with stress at work or seeking inner peace, a Feng Shui bracelet can help you maintain a positive and calm mindset.

Protection Against Negative Influences

Negative influences and bad energy can sometimes cloud our lives, affecting our health, relationships, and overall well-being. Feng Shui bracelets are often crafted with protective stones like black obsidian, known for their ability to ward off negativity. By wearing a Feng Shui bracelet, you create a protective shield around yourself, keeping negative energies at bay and promoting a sense of safety and security.

Specific Benefits Based on Stones

The stones used in Feng Shui bracelets each bring their unique properties and benefits:

  • Obsidian: Known for its powerful protective qualities, obsidian helps to clear negative energy and provide emotional grounding.
  • Jade: Often associated with purity and serenity, jade is believed to attract good luck and enhance physical health.
  • Tiger’s Eye: This stone is known for its ability to bring clarity and focus, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to achieve their goals.

How Do Feng Shui Bracelets Work?

When it comes to feng shui cures, there are two simple rules to follow:

  • First, the heavier the object is, the deeper it needs to be buried.
  • Secondly, any object should be buried in a location that’s unobtrusive and doesn’t draw attention to itself. If you follow these two rules and believe in the power of feng shui cures—which you should, because they do work—then there’s no reason why you won’t start seeing positive outcomes.

Keep in mind that if you don’t set the intent and trust that it will work, then it’s better to keep away from it in the first place. Again, it depends on whether you have this strong belief that they will work. If you go into any feng shui cure believing it won’t work, then your manifestations will most likely not come to life.

Belief is a core concept in feng shui and it’s what makes the practice work. While traditional feng shui rules may seem a bit overwhelming to follow, when it comes to the good luck that can come from wearing a wealth bracelet, it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules. As long as you believe in the power of a wealth bracelet to bring you good fortune, you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

The idea that your thoughts and beliefs play such an important role can be freeing because it allows you to determine the right steps to take to manifest all the positive energy needed to bring wealth and abundance into your life.

In the end, it comes down to how much you believe that it will work. Yes, there are still rules that you need to follow, but following simple rules isn’t enough, especially in the aspect of trying to manifest all the positive energy to bring in wealth and abundance.

The belief that the Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet will bring you such energy is as important as when you follow the set of rules on how to wear the bracelet. As the saying goes, faith without work is useless and vice-versa.

Work without faith is still useless. It has to be a combination of both to have a successful outcome. So yes, the Feng Shui Wealth bracelet works if you believe it does since belief is the entire premise of feng shui in the first place.

How to Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet

The Pixiu bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear to protect yourself from harm and for good luck. It has an image of a Chinese mythical creature called the Pixiu on it. The Pixiu is depicted as a mystical, auspicious creature that brings good luck to its wearer.

The obsidian beads act as a powerful feng shui tool that can remove bad chi from your home or from any space where it might be present, such as at the office, while traveling, or while commuting.

The Bracelet should be worn on the Left Wrist

The first and foremost rule is that you have to wear the Pixiu on your left wrist, and never on your right. In Feng shui, the left side is believed to be the receptive side, while the right is the projective side. Since this is a symbol that brings in exceeding amounts of wealth and good fortune, you need to wear the bracelet on your left wrist.

The right side, being the projective side, is ideal for sharing your fortune with other people so when you wear it on your right wrist, it means that the Pixiu would end up spewing the wealth that had been gathered.

Another thing to take note of when wearing the bracelet is that the tail should be pointing towards your wrist and Pixiu’s head should face outwards as it allows the Pixiu to gather for wealth and bring it towards you.

There is, however, an exemption for this. If the bracelet is made of black obsidian rock, then it can be worn on either the right hand or the left hand. Black obsidian rock fends off negative energy therefore, the bracelet can be worn on the right wrist to ward off bad energy and protection from bad luck, or it can be worn on the left wrist to attract good fortune.

Feng Shui Bracelet

Welcoming the Pixiu into your life

Welcoming the Pixiu into your life and retaining its power is the next important thing that should be done. It may seem like an easy thing to do but making sure that it retains its power is the real challenge here. You need to feed and nourish the Pixiu bracelet otherwise, it will just turn out to be an ordinary bracelet.

Since we are also on the subject of welcoming the Pixiu into your life, there should still be a separation when engaging in private businesses. In this case, the Pixiu bracelet should be taken off. This is applicable when engaging in intimate moments or when going to the toilet. This is a way to show that you respect your Pixiu.

Wearing and Touching the Pixiu Amulet Meaning

Constantly wearing the Pixiu and touching the symbol regularly should be done so that a strong bond with your Pixiu is formed. However, when touching the Pixiu, make sure not to touch your eyes and mouth as it needs them to hunt for wealth. Also, refrain from letting other people touch the bracelet to avoid diverting its loyalty.

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Can you sleep with a Feng Shui bracelet?

Yes, you can sleep with a Feng Shui bracelet, but it depends on your comfort and the specific materials of the bracelet. Some people find that wearing their bracelet at night helps to maintain a continuous flow of positive energy and protection. However, if the bracelet feels uncomfortable or if you’re concerned about damaging it, you might prefer to place it on your bedside table or another safe place close to where you sleep. This way, you can still benefit from its energy without wearing it directly.

Is it true about Feng Shui bracelets?

Yes, many people believe in the power of Feng Shui bracelets and have reported positive changes in their lives after wearing them. While individual experiences can vary, the principles behind Feng Shui are rooted in ancient wisdom and practices that aim to harmonize one's environment and personal energy. The effectiveness of a Feng Shui bracelet often depends on the wearer’s belief and intention, as well as the proper selection and use of the bracelet. Whether you seek wealth, protection, or emotional balance, a Feng Shui bracelet can serve as a meaningful tool to help you achieve your goals.

Can you shower with a Feng Shui bracelet?

It's generally advisable to avoid showering with your Feng Shui bracelet. Water, especially when combined with soap and other chemicals, can affect the integrity and energy of the materials. For example, metals can tarnish, and natural stones might lose their luster or become damaged over time. To preserve the bracelet's energy and appearance, it’s best to remove it before showering.

What to do if someone touches your Pixiu bracelet?

If someone else touches your Pixiu bracelet, it’s important to cleanse it to remove any transferred energy. You can do this by placing the bracelet in a bowl of sea salt or under running water for a few minutes. Additionally, you can expose it to moonlight or sunlight to recharge its energy. Always remember to set your intentions for protection and prosperity while cleansing the bracelet.

How do you activate a Feng Shui bracelet?

Cleanse the Bracelet: Remove any negative energy by placing the bracelet in a bowl of sea salt, under running water, or in moonlight. Set Your Intentions: Hold the bracelet in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize what you want to achieve, whether it's attracting wealth, protection, or emotional balance. Wear the Bracelet: Place the bracelet on your left wrist, which is considered the receiving side of the body in Feng Shui. This allows you to absorb the bracelet’s positive energies. Regularly Recharge: Periodically cleanse and recharge your bracelet to maintain its effectiveness. This can be done during full moons or by placing it in sunlight for a few hours.


Understanding the principles behind Feng Shui bracelets and using them correctly can significantly enhance their effectiveness. From the choice of materials like obsidian and jade to the symbols such as Pi Xiu, every element of a Feng Shui bracelet is designed to harmonize your personal energy with the positive forces of the universe. Remember to cleanse and activate your bracelet to maintain its potency, and consider wearing it on your left wrist to receive its full benefits.

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