How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?

Does Yoga Burn Calories? Is It Enough for Weight Loss?

For many years questions have been raised on the effectiveness of how many calories does yoga burn. Some people think that because this mode of exercise is not fast enough, its capacity to work up the energy and shift the pounds is limited.

The Yoga burn program works magic when it comes to tone your muscles. But it also goes beyond that and does much more. Yoga is a proven form of exercise that is recommended both on your mind and body.

Positions such as strengthening and stretching, work in perfect combination, together with deep breathing to give you good relaxation and improve blood circulation.

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn

Many Hatha Yoga asanas are advantageous to body health. Hatha is a type of Yoga that maximizes physical exercise as a way of taking full control of yourself. The main asanas involved in Hatha Yoga aims at the physical workout to burn more calories.

It’s estimated that an individual who takes avid Hatha Yoga exercise can burn about 400 to 700 calories each hour of practicing Hatha Yoga. The following are the ways to burn more calories and improve your overall health in a yoga session. some studies break down calorie counts for men and women whereas others break them down by body weight.

Which Yoga Poses Burns the Most Calories?

Plank To Reduce Belly Fat

This is an ultimate exercise involving an anti-gravitational pose so that all your muscles are subjected to vigorous activity. It comes with various exercise practices such as adding weight on top of you, raising one foot, and reverse plank that aims to increase the power and efficiency of the workload.

So that Yoga class can help you in burning more calories effectively if you practice average for about 4-6 minutes per day. With time you will adapt gradually, and you can accelerate the timing for faster and better results.

plank yoga pose

Wheel Chakrasana To Naturally Build Up From Your Oblique Areas

You need sufficient preparation for the aspirational Chakrasana before getting engaged otherwise it might outwit you. It is considered the most challenging and hard to practice pose in Yoga.

However, the attention required leads to an alignment that opens the heart and reacts entirely to the front of you. Wheel yoga help to burn more extra calories in the arms, buttocks, legs, heart, lungs, and shoulders.

With wheel yoga, the whole of your body is stretched leading to an increased heartbeat rate. This is perfect for stretching from feet all the way to the head.

wheel yoga pose


This is mainly for stretching the muscles of the thighs and arms. A triangle involves standing tall and putting your legs apart along the same line so that there’s a right angle between your legs.

Then while bending towards your left side, lift your right hand to form an obtuse angle with your right leg. Reap the procedure in the reverse positions respectively making sure all your hands are along the same line.

triangle yoga pose

Warrior to Lose Weight

This is done by standing in Tadasana, keeping your right leg apart by stepping up, stretching your arms upwards, making a right angle with your feet by bending the right knee, and putting the other leg in the right position.

warrior yoga pose


Bend down on your knees, stretch your arms against your yoga mat. With your whole weight subjected to your palm, rise and maintain the posture of a peacock. It stretches wrists, abdomen, and arms.

Peacock is quite tedious for yoga beginners because it entails too much balance and strength.

peacock yoga pose


Stand straight with your buttocks forming onto the ground. Lift your hands parallel to one another upwards.

To practice the chair position, you need to get most of your body activated which makes plenty number of calories burned.

This Yoga focuses on stretching the muscles of your thighs. It is considered the easiest and safest practicable for all yogis.

chair yoga pose


While seated on a clean yoga mat put your legs apart. Keep your knees straight throughout the process. Join your hands and rotate them along with your legs in a circular motion.

During grinding, this practice brings an extra load on your tummy leading to help against the calories around your stomach.

grinding yoga pose

High Lunge – Ashta Chandrasana

Ashta Chandrasana is a strengthening technique. You might have come across it in various workout places other than yoga because many people use it for working out for your whole fitness.

This needs you to balance since you’re using the ball of your rear foot, and every time you increase your balance, you are subjected to exercise hence burning several calories.

high lunge yoga pose

Sun Salutations For Weight Loss

Salute to the Sun in Sanskrit Surya Namaskar is a series of about 12 techniques combined to help burn calories in the cardiovascular system, shoulders, abs, triceps, glutes, biceps, and calves. They strengthen, energize and tone bringing breath in all your movements.

inhales are usually seen widely in the expansive while the exhales are visible on the concentration. These two practices bring about blood oxidation hence strengthening the lungs.

sun salutation yoga pose


Dolphin involves you putting your forearms on the mat. It focuses on the number of burned calories in the core, legs, and arms. It stretches and opens the chest plus your shoulders. Since you have to place your forearms on the mat, your triceps also get engaged heavily.

dolphin yoga pose


Primarily it is achieved by holding a push up from the low side of it. When wholly engrossed, you’re required to get most of your muscle groups working.

Chaturanga ensures your core is contracted, your legs activated, and your arms engaged to keep your elbows at an angle of 90-degrees.

It requires a lot of caution from the practitioner because of its steep and challenging techniques.

chaturanga yoga pose

How Yoga Improve Your Overall Health

Yoga promotes wholesome transformation. As you embark on the yoga exercises, you become changed from inside and out. The sequences have the effect of working on you, and your soul, but you are also let into certain levels of consciousness.

You become disconnected from things that nag at you. You leave behind your ego, which is a kind of selfishness that clings to unhealthy choices and unwise decisions. The liberation you get from the exercise leads you toward making a positive change in all your ways.

Positive changes include having to appreciate your body as a sacred vessel. This then allows you to get rid of any unhealthy foods such as junk food, and alcohol. You then make good choices, inclining towards food that can only fuel and replenish.

Yoga can help to burn calories and bring about physical transformation. There are numerous positions that are found in this form of exercise, and they include unlimited flows and sequences that promote different types of physical health benefits.

Postures are meant to also address a certain level of detoxification as well. Detoxification is quite useful for purification. As it does so, it also washes away unwanted junk from the system which often makes you feel weighed down.

Yoga promotes metabolism output. A faster metabolism rate is good as it improves overall body functions. It also means that you will be able to burn calories as quickly as possible, leading to desired weight loss. It is one of the favorite techniques to increase your metabolism rate.

yoga meditation class

The physical postures are instrumental in ensuring optimum heart rate and increasing the metabolism function as well. In essence, here is how yoga and by extension metabolism rate helps:

1. Improves digestion-most of the digestive tissues are found in the abdomen area. any yoga that targets this part of the works in sync to help the proper functioning of the organs around this area to work as required.

Exercises such as the planks and boat positions are quite effective. They include twisting which is well to press and squeeze the digestive track while detoxifying the organs in that area.

2. Improves blood circulation: Poor blood circulation is detrimental and negatively affects the functions of the body as they do not have enough oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, this leads to low metabolism in your system.

In such cases, the exercises can revive blood circulation quite easily. Combined with both deep and slow breathing, arteries quickly open up, and there is a release pressure. As a result, there is an increase in blood flow and blood circulation.

These sequences of events also allow the white blood cells to move and circulate into the organs quite quickly while functioning as needed.

3. Improves muscle tone: As you go through, this is a way of adjusting and targeting large muscles. It also gets the smaller muscles to work in sync to help in achieving each desired position.

outside yoga class

Yoga works by testing balance, strength, and flexibility. It challenges the entire body into submission. The combined nature in which the muscle groups are working allows the muscles to not only increase in their size but also their density.

Types of Yoga Sequences for Metabolism Sun salutation is what typically starts your sequence and it is a great way to start your moving. Again, it is what increases the sweating, amount of breathing, and metabolism rate.

As you begin your yoga routine workout, one thing to keep in mind is to focus on how your body feels in each position. The way in which you move is also important, to ensure that you are making slow movements.

-When you exhale, you release tension, and in effect, the muscles get a good relaxation that they need. The consistency of practice is useful as this increases the desired balance, flexibility, and strength.

The great thing is that there are positive outcomes of your workout both on your body and your mind as well. If you want to quickly increase your metabolic rate, one of the great solutions to go about it is to hold each exercise for one breath per movement.

This challenges the metabolic rate and makes it work better.

When you inhale, you feel stronger, and when you exhale, you sink deeper into your posture. You are then able to explore, release yourself and relax as well.

Chart Of Calories Burned By Yoga

[Chart] How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn

To answer the question Does Yoga help you lose weight? we can say that yoga is known as an effective intervention when it comes to losing fat and improving your muscle tone. Its health benefits are countless and you can be sure of a healthy heart, due to improved blood circulation.

Again, as you twist and sway your stress hormones like cortisol are decreased and you easily realize improvement in moods. There is evident suppression in appetite, too. Sleep improves and you are able to get more sound sleep.

The health benefits that come with the type of brain functions are immense, think of lower tissue inflammation, and lower weight. Still, there is also a lower risk when it comes to diseases as a result of the overall indulges in yoga.

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As previously mentioned, that entirely depends on the type of workout or yoga class you are planning to join. For example, the number of calories burned during Hatha yoga — a basic style of yoga usually taught at a slightly slower pace — will vary from the number burned in Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga.