How To Create A Zen Meditation Room Ideas


6 Ways To Create Your Own Meditation Room

How To Create A Zen Meditation Room Ideas

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a special room inside (or outside) of your home that’s devoted to peace, tranquility and your emotional well-being? A meditation room will give you a place to participate in daily yoga, chants, and meditation without interruption.

Everyone should have a zen space in their homes for daily meditation; a space that provides you with the opportunity to keep your body balanced both physically and mentally.

There are no rules that need to be followed when creating a meditation room, but most importantly, follow your mind and heart, only choose elements that create a personal feeling of zen blessing connection.


How To Create A Zen Meditation Room Ideas


1- Choose a room or space that makes you feel good

You need a room that brings you a good feeling every time you walk into it, and definitely with a limited amount of traffic.

Choose a room with a lot of natural light, a room that faces the sun for the time of day you plan to meditate or with a sunset view will be a perfect choice.

Take into consideration that you need to relax your mind and your body. If there is no room with a good amount of natural lighting, an outdoor space can give you a good result also. This may be your deck, patio or even your garden.

2- Keep the room simple and uncluttered

when you are trying to relax, you want to make sure there are minimal amounts of cluttered areas in the room. Avoid setting up a meditation room in an office with a lot of stressful thoughts that come with what’s in it.

A perfect meditation room should contain a few elements like a yoga mat, a throw rug, a small table, and a pillow for meditation.


How To Create A Zen Meditation Room Ideas


3- Add a touch of nature

Natural elements bring relaxing and healing, meditation is all about connecting your mind and body with nature. So it would be perfect to meditate outside in a natural environment like a floral garden, it is not always possible especially in urban areas. Consider adding natural touch and decoration to your meditation room. You can choose a plant, a vase of flowers, or even a small water fountain with sand and seashells.

4- Soothe your soul with meditation music

The meditation music, ideally played in the background, such the sound of the water fountain can help drown out all the other distractions within the home, allowing you to gain a tranquil and peaceful state. Choose music without lyrics. Your need sounds you find soothing, such as ocean sounds, the whistling sounds of the wind, or birds chirping. The tracks should be long enough to continue playing during all your meditation session, consider putting the sounds on repeat to avoid interruption.

5- Create a beautiful aromatherapy

Using essential oils from plants, such as chamomile, chamomile, lavender, and peppermint, can really soothe the soul, the mind, and the body. the burning candles and incense bring you the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating.


How To Create A Zen Meditation Room Ideas


6- Personalize your meditation space

When creating your meditation room, you definitely want to include some serene and peaceful personal touches. Items like crystals, affirmation stones, beads, chimes, a statue of Buddha and artwork are great elements for creating a space to focus solely on meditating. Choose only a few pieces at a time. Remember it is important a clean and clear environment to keep your mind open, you do not want to overcrowd the space.

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