How To Unblock Chakras

How To Unblock Chakras – A Step by Step Guide to Cleansing

The chakra system refers to the energy centers located in the human body. There are seven major chakras, each in a specific location along your spine. Let’s look at each one more closely. If you learn How To unblock chakras, you can find inner peace. Your instincts can unite with your feelings. And you can process your thoughts more effectively.

Simple Ways of Knowing if your Chakras Are Blocked

Simple Ways of Knowing if your Chakras Are Blocked

If one or more chakras spins too quickly, we feel hyper, tense, or overly nervous, thus causing us to feel burned out. Or, if any of our chakras are spinning too slowly, then we feel tired, ungrounded, lacking creative energy.

1. Root chakra (Muladhara)

The root chakra sits at the base of your spine, at your tailbone, and is the first piece of the chakra system puzzle.

Root chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Problems in the legs, feet, rectum, tailbone, and immune system
  • Degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation
  • Stress about money and financial security
  • Issues with the male reproductive parts and prostate gland

2. Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana)

The sacral chakra is located just below your navel.

Sacral chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Inability to express emotion or desire
  • Hip, pelvic, and low back pain
  • Urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions
  • Constant fear of betrayal

3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra is located in the abdomen.

Solar plexus chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Digestive problems
  • Constant fear of rejection
  • Pancreas and gallbladder issues
  • Chronic fatigue
  • An unrelenting inner critic

4. Heart chakra (Anahata)

The heart chakra is located near the heart.

Heart chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Asthma
  • Arm and wrist pain
  • Constant fear of being alone
  • Upper back and shoulder problems
  • Over-loving to the point of suffocation, jealousy, and bitterness

5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

The throat chakra is located near the throat.

Throat chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Sore throats
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Ear infections
  • Constant fear of being out of control
  • Issues expressing yourself

6. Third-eye chakra (Ajna)

The third-eye chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead.

Third-eye chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Headaches
  • Sinus issues
  • Moodiness and stubbornness
  • Blurred vision and eye strain

7. Crown chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara)

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head.

Crown chakra out of balance Signs:

  • Rigid thoughts
  • Constant fear of alienation
  • Analysis paralysis

Easy Techniques To Unblock Chakras

What happens when our chakras become blocked? It may lead to difficulties with concentration, sleeping problems, a lack of motivation, and feelings of helplessness, among many other things. However, there are many easy ways to unblock your chakras yourself and today we want to share with you our favorite techniques for clearing these energy pathways at home.

1. Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation can be a powerful technique for you to employ at home. It involves bringing attention to yourself and focusing on your awareness.

2. Yoga

When a chakra is blocked, movement can be beneficial to releasing it. Yoga exercises are a fantastic way to do this by encouraging the flow of energy back into your body.

3. Mantras

A mantra is a short repetition that is often used at the end of a yoga practice. The mantra acts as a form of sound healing that can restore your energy fields.

4. Essential Oils

Using certain essential oils is a great way to rebalance your chakras. Burning these oils in your home is a way you can work to unblock your chakras yourself.

Wearing a chakra bracelet is an easy and effective way to align your chakras and balance your energies. All you have to do is simply add a few drops of your favorite scents to an aromatherapy bracelet with lava beads and VOILA!

Easy Techniques To Unblock Chakras

5. Tapping

The practice of tapping, or EFT, works by using your fingertips to tap on certain meridian points throughout your body. The motion of tapping and repeating affirmations can help to let go of certain emotions that may be blocking your chakras.

6. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths with intention is very effective for restoring your chakras to their natural and harmonious state. As you inhale, direct your energy to the chakra. As you exhale, allow awareness to relax into it.

7. Nutrition

Including certain foods in your diet can help you to clear your energy system. Each chakra correlates with certain foods so introducing these into your daily meals can really go a long way to rebalancing your system.

8. Go out into nature

This is one of the easiest ways to unblock your chakras. Spending time outdoors, walking barefoot in the grass, is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and absorb its healing energy – keeping you grounded and at peace.

How Long Does It Take to Open Your Chakras?

How Long Does It Take to Open Your Chakras

It differs from one individual to another. Some people have instant chakra activation; they feel a surge of energy hitting various energy points. For others, it can take months, years, or even decades…

It may take a long time to know if your chakras need balance. But by working with your body, you will learn how to unblock chakras and find balance and harmony overall.