How To Use Incense Burner

Using incense burner for meditation and prayer is an ancient easter tradition. Burning incense reduces stress, tension, and it is believed that different types of incense-like sage and sandalwood have the power to remove negative energies and karma and help to reach a high meditative level.

Ceramic incense burners are perfect for burning your favorite incense while adding a relaxing and zen touch to any meditation space. It’s also a great gift for any yoga and meditation lovers.

Incense cones work always with Ceramic Back-Flow Incense Burners producing beautiful smoke.

How to Use a Smoker Incense Burner

Never leave Incense Burner alone while it is in use. It must be supervised at all times.

1. Choose a safe place for your incense burner, where children and pets can’t reach.  Keep it away from any burnable stuff.

2. Lift the top part of the smoker and then set it aside.

3. Put the incense on the metal disc fixed inside of the smoker.

4. Light the tip of the incense, until smoking and glowing. No flame should be there only a glowing tip.

5. When you put the smoker’s upper part on the socket. Finally, the smoker should start smoking! Be careful don’t move the smoker when the incense still glowing inside. NEVER LEAVE A BURNING SMOKER WITHOUT MONITORING!

How To Empty The Smoker Incense Burner?

Once you are sure that there is no fire in the incense. Wait approximately 10 minutes after no smoke leaks from the smoker.

Empty residue from the smoker’s incense onto a fire-proof base.

NEVER put residue into your waste bin.

Incense Burner Care Instructions:

Keep your smoker and incense in a dry, temperature-resistant environment. Avoid exposing the smoker or the incense to a damp climate.