5 Best Effective Meditation Techniques

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5 Best Effective Meditation Techniques That You Can Practice

There are several different effective meditation techniques that a person can practice. The important thing is to find a practice that you are comfortable with and try to stick with that one. If you tend to bounce around from one meditation method to the other you will not get the full benefits of the practice.

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Meditation has many benefits both physically, psychologically and spiritually. Some of these include lower blood pressure, improved skin tone, happy outlook on life, less stress and just an overall feeling of well being. Today we are just going to give a brief outline of five of the major meditation methods.

Trataka Meditation #1: Concentrated Gazing

The first technique we want to talk about is Trataka Meditation. Trataka in Sanskrit means to look or gaze. When performing Trataka, a person fixes their gaze on an external object. This can be a dot on the wall, candle flame or whatever.

Trataka is an ancient yoga practiced to develop concentration and the Ajna (third eye) chakra. Basically, the person gazes at the object until the eyes begin to water. As they are gazing they let all thoughts flow through their mind and pass away.

Once the eyes begin to water the eyes are then closed. When Trataka Meditation is performed with a candle after the eyes begin to water and are closed the person concentrates on the image of the flame. At first, this will be an after image but will fade into seeing the image with the mind’s eye. This is a good way to develop the third eye chakra.

Mantra Meditation #2: Shift Your Mindset

The next meditation technique is Mantra Meditation. This is where you say a word such as om over and over in your mind. In Mantra Meditation the word acts like a vehicle that takes you to a state of no thought.

When repeating the mantra or word it is very common for the mind to drift off into other thoughts. When this happens the person needs to gentle bring their thoughts back to the mantra and start repeating it once again.

In Mantra practice the word that is repeated is specific for the purpose of transforming the person in a spiritual way. Typically a mantra will be given to a meditator by a guru.


Chakra Meditation #3: Awakening Your Seven Chakras

The third technique is Chakra Meditation. There are seven major chakras in the human body. When performing Chakra method the person will focus on a specific chakra for the purpose of cleansing or energizing that chakra.

Chakra Meditation has the ability to revitalize a person body through the cleansing, revitalizing process. As the chakras are interrelated it is advised to start with the root chakra and work your way up when performing this practice.

When doing Chakra Meditation you can also use the aid of crystals to help in the cleansing, revitalization process. Chakra Meditation can be a powerful practice for healing and the clearing of negative emotions.

Vipassana Meditation #4: silence and spiders

The fourth technique is Vipassana Meditation. This is one of the oldest forms of meditation and is used for the purpose of gaining insight into one’s nature and the nature of reality.

The goal of Vipassana Meditation is to bring suffering to an end for the individual. This is accomplished by eliminating the three conditions which are impermanence, suffering, and not-self.

After practicing Vipassana Meditation for a long period the meditator is supposed to come to a point where they separate these three conditions from themselves and achieving nirvana. It is believed that all physical and psychological conditions are not part of the true self or the “I” and should be eliminated with the practice of Vipassana mindfulness.

Raja #5: practice at Inner Space

The last meditation technique we will talk about is Raja Meditation. In Raja the mind is considered king and it is the mind’s job to tame the emotions and the body in inner space.

Raja Meditation attempts to have the mind to bring the body and emotions under complete control. Raja and associated practices is a very disciplined type of meditation.

When a person takes up Raja Meditation they are expected to give up things like sex, alcohol, meat and pay close attention to their actions. The idea in Raja for giving up these things is it prepares the body and mind for meditation.

Above is a brief outline of five popular meditation exercises. I hope that this small article has given you enough information to point you in the direction of the meditation technique you would like to explore more.

It is suggested that if you do take up a certain meditation technique that you follow a good detailed program.

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