Moon Lamp Review

What if you were able to create a romantic, intimate ambiance in your home by simply plugging in a lamp? This is the idea behind the Moon Lamp.

Moon Lamp Review – Detailed Buyers Guide

Moon Lamp provides the perfect mood for a relaxing and romantic evening. It would be an extremely satisfying experience if you could have the moon light as and when required. This might seem a distinct possibility, but with the new moon night light, one can recreate the ambiance of being under the moon anywhere and at any time.

These lamps are ideal for adding a magic touch to the entire atmosphere of the room. We have some of the coolest moon lamps available today in the market. It is important that you choose the best available alternative in line with your living or bedroom accessories.

Enchanted Moon Night Light

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What is a Moon Lamp?

Moon Lamps today have become the hottest trend that can bring in a warm and pleasant influence and are a great addition to your overall home decoration or special gifts. These lamps are designed with a textured surface that provides the look and feel of the original moonlight.

The 3D printing technology design of these lamps gives the illusion of craters and spots like on the moon. It is also worth the mention that these lamps make use of the authentic satellite data from NASA itself to ensure that the lamps emit light that is realistic.

So when you put up a moon lamp in your room it will give the feeling of real radiating moonlight. This can be a perfect gift for troubled sleepers.

Good Reasons to Own a Moon Lamp

These lamps come with the feature of changing colors depending upon the mood. Gentle to soft white and yellow to a brighter version of yellow there are multiple settings in the lamp. Simply touch the lamp to switch between seven colors, or use the mini remote control to tap through all 16 colors while dimming or slowing the automatic color switching. So when you wish to have a sentimental evening or chit-chat with friends in the future, just switch on your lamp.

The lamp is rechargeable anywhere and at any time, using a USB charger. You do not have to worry about the battery being discharged. It is one of a kind product to fall in love with. The lamp blends well and looks absolutely stunning with your interior style.

How to Pick the Best Moon Lamp

Choosing an original moon lamp can be a tedious task as there is quite a lot of information and factors to be considered before getting one. Below are tips that would help you purchase yours for your home.

  1. Material: The first and foremost thing to consider is if the lamp is made from eco-friendly material. There are some cheap varieties of lamps also available in the market that could be harmful to the environment. Buy a lamp made from eco-certified materials.
  2. Battery Quality: The quality of the built-in battery is also an important criterion. Ensure that the battery is certified and rechargeable to avoid changing it again and again. A full charge makes the lamp last for quite a long hour.
  3. Texture: Since the lamp is a replica of the lunar moon shape it is important that you get one with an accurate and clear texture. This is important to ensure that it emits light properly.
  4. Packaging: The design and construction of the lamp are fragile hence it is important that the lamp you buy comes well packed.
  5. Charging Port: Lastly, ensure that the purchased lamp comes with a charging port that is not too wide or large. This gives a very polished look to the overall lamp.

The adorable moon night light not only makes for a perfect showpiece for your living and bedroom but is also a unique gift item. Choose the best moon lamp that gives a magical touch to your overall interior decor.

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