Spiritual Moon Phases Meaning

Moon Phases, Their Meaning, and How They Impact You

Moon Phases MeaningEach of the Moon phases has it’s unique shape and carries with it it’s own spiritual meaning. Let’s discover the all about the Moon phases and how this can be used to help us flow with the ever changing energies.

New Moon

New MoonThis cycle signifies new beginnings, a strong power that everything is being cleared. The position between the Earth and the Sun, makes the Moon invisible from the earth.This is the best time for refreshing and restarting. A time to start new projects and phases within your life.

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Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Crescent MoonThis phases signifies new intentions, the Moon illumination is glowing ‘Waxing’ and less than half of the Moon is illuminated ‘Crescent’.This is the time to think about things you want to accomplish, focus on the why, get a list of your intentions and keep them in your mind.

First Quarter Moon

First Quarter MoonThis phase signifies that action is ready to be taken. Moon appears as though it has been cut into half because one is illuminated and the other half is left shadowed.During this phase spend extra time making decisions, spend the time to sit back a reflect on any decisions you have made in life, what did they mean to you and what did you learn from them. Use your previous decision making to help you overcome any obstacles in future decision making.This is the best cycle to spend more time about making or reflecting any decision in your life, use the previous experience to make the best choice in your futur decision.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Waxing Gibbous MoonThe ‘Waxing; means that the Moons illumination is growing and the ‘Gibbous’ means that more than half of the Moon is illuminated. This process involves the fine details, when you have set your goals, you are running with them but there is just some tweaking that needs to be done.

This is the ‘Waxing’ phase when the moon illumination is growing and covering more than the half of the moon ‘Gibbous’. As you set your goals, you need just some tweaking to be done.During this time you need to take care of what you are doing, figue out what is working and what you need to change.

Full Moon

Full MoonThe harvest moon, this is when the Moon is totally illuminated by the sun.This is the time of your spiritual growth, set you intentions and make promises to your soul level.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Waning Gibbous MoonThe ‘Waning’ or the phase when the moon illumination decrease, and more of half moon is illuminated ‘Gibbous’.This is the time to reflect and focus on gratitude, thinking about how we feel. Try to make a list of grateful things.

Third Quarter Moon

Third Quarter MoonThis cycle is the opposite of the First Quarter Moon, the half of the moon is totally illuminated and other half is left shadowed.This is the time for forgiveness, try to forgive your mistakes in the past to move on, bring more love to forgive others.

Waning Crescent Moon

Waning Crescent Moon‘Wanning’ is when the moon illumination shrinkes, the ‘Crescent’ means that the less than the half moon is illuminated.Spend your time in mindfulness, don’t try to control all around you, try to bring you peace, and surrendering to the world around you.

The New Moon

The New MoonAs a cosmic reset. The is the beginning of a cycle, a new moon during once a month. This is the the best time set goals, set intentions and launch new projects in your life.

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