Symbolic Peacock Meaning

Peacock Meaning

Peacock symbolism has transcended its Indian origin and has been adopted by western cultures as a sign of courage and strength. Indian peacock feathers are used as a part of amulets and talismans and worn by people as a fashion accessory. In fact, the American Indians used to call upon all the good birds from the sky to help them in battle.

Peacocks were also associated with good luck and good fortune and believed to bring prosperity to the wearer. It was even said that peacock feathers can provide protection and sanctuary against bullets and other lethal weapons of war and death.

Peacock Symbolism

This bird symbolizes integrity, beauty, truth, honor, doing what you say, and strength. But also has references to:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-love
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Being Well Balanced
  • Light-Hearted
  • Awareness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Humor
  • Enjoying Life
  • Vision
  • Long Life
  • Confidence
  • Resurrection

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Peacock Spiritual Meaning

Buddhism – Buddhists believe in the peacock as a symbol of long life or immortality. In nature, peacock eats poisonous plants that would kill if eaten by humans. Because of this, Buddhists thought peacocks could live easily even though they were enduring major suffering. Peacock has a signification of purity, because of that, their feathers are often used in purification ceremonies.

Hinduism – Hindus believe in peacock as a source of mystical healing powers, and used it as a sign of power and prosperity. A peacock feather was believed to be a ray of light. Brahma is surrounded by a number of emanations including peacock feathers.

Peacock was also used to signify a warrior’s valor. Feathers were used by the soldiers of the British army during the War of Independence. Used today as a popular emblem for the military.

Peacock feathers are used in Feng Shui. The bird is considered to have great staying power when placed anywhere in a home. The color of each feather is an indicator of Chi or the power of life. This is because the peacock is the only bird among all the birds of its kind that possesses the capability of generation.

Peacock and Phoenix Resemblance

Peacock is often compared to Phoenix. Certainly due to the fact that they are both very powerful birds and provide confidence and courage. They perfectly represent the quote “When one door shuts another one opens”. Like Phoenix who was risen from death and reborn again, the peacock has also the signification of rebirth and resurrection, both are a reminder of rising again no matter the challenges.

Peacock soon became a sign of wealth and luxury. It was not long before ordinary people began to use it in decorations. Over the centuries, this became a widely held belief that feathers have inherent magical powers and can grant any person great fortune and power. In fact, the peacock feather has been used for many years in Feng Shui to bring wealth and prosperity to any home.

Today, peacock lives on in the form of business logos, artwork, and even tattoo designs. Those who believe in the power of the feather are quite assertive in their convictions. They point out that while the peacock feather is a sign of luck and wealth, it also has positive and negative aspects. In other words, it is not entirely positive and pure-especially if you consider the negative meanings associated with some other animals.

Regardless of these disturbing views, the peacock remains a symbol of beauty and power. Many people worldwide recognize it and use it to enhance their own personal styles and beliefs. Those who choose to decorate their homes with peacock feathers do so with both elegance and peace of mind. You too can enjoy this timeless beauty with the peacock feather as your source for elegant style.