Buy Mandala Beach Towels – Enjoy Good Vibes & Free Spirit

While preparing your travel checklist, do not forget to include a beautiful mandala beach towel or blanket. Yes, you need them as much as your sunscreen, swimwear, and sunglasses or maybe more than that at such places.

These round beach blankets will provide a comfortable sitting and relaxing zen space. You can pamper yourselves just lying over these mandala towels at the beach enjoying the warmth of sun rays or you can play some funny amusing games relaxing with your partner and with your family members.

Available in different size ranges to choose from. You can select the one that best suits your need but it would be better if you prefer those large beach blanket and large picnic blankets, as they will not just offer you additional space for relaxing but can also be used as a bed cover or wall hanging at your home.

Roundie beach mandala towel can also be great stuff to carry at your beach outing as they are very much trendy and spacious. Don’t get them to confuse with beach blanket since these are a bit smaller.

They are very attractively designed to imbue with striking color combinations. These stunning beach towel can also serve you as Beach wraps.

Mandala throw blankets can be ideal for enhancing the exquisiteness of home. They are made from pure cotton fabric which gives you a soft and comfortable feel.

These cozy throw blankets are available in different printed designs and textures. It can be a unique Mandala blanket that has spiritual patterns on them that you can accompany every day in your yoga and meditation practice or they can be an attractive Bohemian towels with solid prints that give a traditional style to your home.

The blankets and towels are designed in a way to give it a pleasing outlook. You don’t need much upkeep and look after.

They are very light weighted and easy to carry and are priced in a way that you can easily buy more without spending much. So don’t just settle for one or two, make a huge collection of them.

These amazing mandala beach blanket are made from tapestries by cutting them in a circle shape.

We all have these blankets in a rectangular shape which also you can use a blanket and wall tapestry as well. If you want to get these rounds in a rectangular shape we have a huge collection of Mandala tapestry in our store.

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What do Mandala Beach Blankets mean?

Mandala Beach Blankets are the special sheets usually made of cotton or towel, which can serve multiple purposes, including acting as mats on the beach, bedsheets, and decoration items amongst students. From a deeper perspective, the Mandala beach blankets can be used by the mediators to improve their concentration and power to focus.

Are the Mandala beach blankets round?

Yes, a typical Mandala beach blanket is round. In the Sanskrit language, Mandala means round or circle, revealing the reason for their existence in the round shape. However, within the round shape, multiple different shapes are drawn or highlighted, making them unique and colorful.

How can the Mandala beach blankets be used?

Different groups can use the Mandala bleach blankets differently. Students inclining hippie traditions can use these blankets everywhere to show their associations with this culture. For religious and spiritual groups, these Mandala blankets provide them a prop to be used for meditation. Lovers of yoga can use the Mandala blankets as a mat for practicing yoga exercises, and a few people can use them on the walls for decoration.

What is the cost of the Mandala beach blanket?

A typical Mandala beach blanket can cost you in the range of $50 to $100. But to find the exact price of a beautiful Mandala blanket, you can visit The Yoga Mandala store.

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