What do Mandala Beach Blankets mean?

Mandala Beach Blankets are special sheets usually made of cotton or towel, which can serve multiple purposes, including acting as mats on the beach, bedsheets, and decoration items amongst students. From a deeper perspective, the mediators can use the Mandala beach blankets to improve their concentration and power to focus.

Are the Mandala beach blankets round?

Yes, a typical Mandala beach blanket is round. In the Sanskrit language, Mandala means round or circle, revealing the reason for their existence in the round shape. However, within the round shape, multiple different shapes are drawn or highlighted, making them unique and colorful.

How can the Mandala beach blankets be used?

Different groups can use the Mandala bleach blankets differently. Students inclining hippie traditions can use these blankets everywhere to show their associations with this culture. For religious and spiritual groups, these Mandala blankets provide them a prop to be used for meditation. Lovers of yoga can use the Mandala blankets as a mat for practicing yoga exercises, and a few people can use them on the walls for decoration.

What is the cost of the Mandala beach blanket?

A typical Mandala beach blanket can cost you in the range of $50 to $100. But to find the exact price of a beautiful Mandala blanket, you can visit The Yoga Mandala store.