Lotus Buddha Canvas Wall Art

Lotus Position Buddha Meditation Canvas Painting
Lotus Buddha Canvas Wall Art

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Bring Blessing To Your Home With This Lotus Buddha Canvas Wall Art


Lotus Buddha Canvas WallArt

Beautiful Buddha Meditation Canvas Painting representing Buddha in a Lotus meditation position posture. This is one of the most worshipped and popular symbols in the Buddhism culture.

Meaning of Buddhist Lotus meditation postures

The full lotus. You start with your right foot on your left thigh and then bring your left foot up to your right thigh. Practitioners find this posture comfortable and naturally enhance their meditation and alignment.

The half lotus. The left foot is close to the pelvis but the right foot is closer to the trunk than with the quarter lotus and rests on the left thigh.

The quarter lotus position is highly recommended and relatively simple. You “cross” your legs by placing your right foot on your left calf. Make sure your knees are lower than your hips.


  • Small (16×35 inch)
  • Medium (24×47 inch)
  • Large (28×59 inch)

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Large (28x59in), Medium (24x47in), Small (16x35in)

1 review for Lotus Buddha Canvas Wall Art

  1. Andreas

    Amazing canvas, very striking. I have it stretched over a wooden frame and hung on a plain wall. Thank you 🙂

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