Sturdy foam yoga block

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    Sturdy foam yoga block

    Discover the Yoga block and its many advantages! This yoga Sturdy foam yoga block helps you effectively in the stretching exercises and difficult yoga positions. The Yoga block foam completes your yoga equipment.

    The yoga block details :

    Size(L x W x H): 23.00 x 15.00 x 7.50 cm / 9.06 x 5.91 x 2.95 inches
    Package weight: 0.115 kg

    Yoga block : one block for all occasions

    With this simple yoga tool, you can optimize your exercises. Try it out for example at the “Cobra”: You will be amazed how intensively you feel the strain in your body. But this yoga resource has more to offer. For certain postures, it is necessary that your hands and feet are properly oriented. The Yoga block is ideally suited for this purpose.

    EVA foam : long-lasting, firm and shape-stable

    This practical yoga block is made of ultra lightweight non-toxic EVA foam. This material is very firm and stable. The Yoga block tool has three major advantages. It is free of pollutants and recyclable. Once your yoga tool is dirty, you can clean it easily. For this you need only some lukewarm water and a soft, absorbent cloth.

    What color may it be?

    The Yoga block Basic is available in different colors. You will also discover your favorite, as the palette ranges from green, purple, blue to red, orange, pink and light purple.

    Practical support for many exercises

    You can use this Yoga block also as a support for the hands with different postures. For example, if you are using the bridge, you can use your yoga tool to support your head.

    High quality material: durable and washable

    Consists of a hard foam. It is particularly advantageous that this so-called moss rubber is solid, extremely dimensionally stable and resilient. In addition, you can easily clean your yoga aids once it is soiled: simply wash it with warm water and then allow it to dry well.

    Maybe the Yoga block looks like a simple log at first sight – but it is an effective yoga tool that optimally supports the effect of your exercises. Just try it out and order it in the color of your choice!

    The shoulder stand plates, which you find in this category, help you to run different asanas like the shoulder stand or the plow correctly.

    Shoulder Plates: practical helpers for many exercises

    Especially as beginners these yoga aids can help you to lead the individual exercises to the perfection with flowing progress. The shoulder pads relieve the cervical spine and give you the hold you need to be safer with the exercises.

    Foam adapts to your body quite softly and supports you a little softer. You can also wash off the shoulder pads from foam. The yoga tools made of natural cork surround you during training with a gentle touch of nature. Decide for yourself what will help you feel good.

    Additional Information

    Blue, Green, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

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