Temperature Sensor Faucet Light

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Put a little color in the bathroom or kitchen with this Temperature Sensor Faucet Light. The colors change automatically with the water temperature.

This sensitive temperature sensor faucet light will change colors according to the temperature of the water!

Water flashes red when the temperature is above 50°C

Water glows Red when water is Hot (temperature above 42°C)
Water glows Green when water is Warm (temperature is 33°C to 41°C)
Water glows Blue when water is Cold (temperature below 32°C)

No batteries and external power supply needed, it will illuminate after water flows down.

  • Fits on most taps and lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on the tap.
  • Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.
  • Ideal for bathroom or kitchen faucets.

How to Use Temperature Sensor Faucet Light?

Take off-net from tap screw thread.
Install LED faucet light screw thread.
The color faucet requires a faucet with threads for it to screw into.

Item Details:

  • Size: 32*22mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Body Color: Silver



Temperature Sensor Faucet Light