Sacred Geometry Meaning

Common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their Meanings

Sacred geometric symbols exist all around us – they are the perfect shapes that represent the intangible, mystical elements of the universe and life.

From the beginning, humans have tried to graphically represent ideas and concepts with the aim of passing them off to the next generations.

To help them explain certain notions, hard to describe without the use of the written word, humans have historically used the natural elements surrounding them, creating and developing symbolical meanings.

The most simple sacred geometry shapes are found in nature and used by many cultures in the world to deliver different definitions: from the circle to the square and the triangle, all of those symbols have been used, in one way or another in religious symbolism.

According to Galileo Galilei, the Italian philosopher, astronomer, physicist, mathematician, and engineer from the 16th century, “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe”.

For sure, the power of sacred geometry and its beauty has been praised by architects, musicians, artists, and philosophers all around the world. The power of symbols is well known, they catch the eye, are difficult to forget, and are easily associated.

This article includes both some of the simplest geometrical shapes and the more complex geometric forms which have been developed from them.

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Sacred Geometrical Patterns

Let’s go over some of the meanings of sacred geometry as it has been used by religion for centuries.

Sacred Geometry Shapes

Sacred Geometry Circle

The circle is a recurrent and pretty ancient geometric symbol, which has come to represent infinity, totality, and unity. It is a symbol associated with perfection and timelessness.

It also represents, among many cultures in the world, female power and it almost universally represents the sun and the moon phases.

In Buddhism, the form symbolizes enlightenment, while in the Christian religion, circles are used to represent holiness, by depicting rounded haloes on saints or sacred people. For Chinese Symbology, it stands for the heavens.

Sacred Geometry Flower of Life

In sacred geometry, The Flower of Life is one of the oldest sacred geometrical shapes. It is constituted by a central sphere whose center coincides with the intersection of six smaller circles contained inside the big form.

There are a total of 30 circles and 60 triangles inside the shape. The history of this symbol is quite fascinating since it has been found all around the world, in distant and different countries without any visible differences in the features of the symbol.

Traces of the Flower of Life have been found in the ancient Egyptian and Assyrian cultures. Additionally, it is present in the decorations of the Forbidden City in China, in numerous Japanese temples, in the Indian Golden Temple, and in some Italian Churches in Italy.

With the harmony of its shape and the perfection of its regular, repeating pattern, its meanings have been associated with “Everything”, the cosmic spirit, the unity of life, and the many possible realities that nature offers.

Sacred Geometry Hamsa Hand

Mostly found in the Middle East and Africa, the Hamsa Hand is said to bring protection and good luck to the wearer. Hamsa or Khamsa is a sacred symbol in Islamic and Jewish cultures.

Sacred Geometry Triangle

The triangle is a very simple geometrical shape, but with a lot of definitions associated with it. Not many are aware that the triangle also symbolizes: mind, body and spirit, father, mother, and child, past, present, and future, among others.

The number three was long before associated with the triangle by Pythagoras. Furthermore, the versatility of the triangle, which can be easily turned upside down makes the shape acquire many contrasting meanings.

For example, positioned with the point upwards, the triangle symbolizes masculinity and stability while flipping it to the other side makes the shape gain the symbol of femininity and the moon.

Sacred Geometry Metatron’s Cube

This shape is made of 13 spheres with their centers linked by lines that meet to represent all of the tridimensional five of Plato’s Perfect Solids.

In sacred geometry, its symbolism is linked with the willingness of the creation of life itself. The sphere, in fact, represents the female part and the strong lines that cross them the masculine part: both working together to create a whole.

In the context of sacred geometry, Arcangel Metradon oversees the flow of energy in this cube.

Sacred Geometry Yantra

The Yantra is a symbol made by the central intersection of many arches with the same radius. They are associated with positivity and happiness.

Many claim them to be helping in concentrating during meditation. The many curves create an optical illusion of a sphere, from a two-dimensional figure.

Sacred Geometry Heptagram

Seven-pointed stars can be represented as acute or obtuse. The symbolism of this shape is also very ancient. As a symbol, it is often seen as a representation of the seven planets, those recognized by the ancient world, other than the Earth.

In this representation, the “seven planets”. Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun are all equal and symbolically all radiating certain influences.

As a number seven is ever-present: it combines the numbers 4 (representing the 4 elements or the 4 cardinal dimensions) and 3 (the above-mentioned trinities).

Sacred Geometry Hexagram

The six-pointed star that has been commonly known as the Star of David, is not only part of the Judaistic tradition. It has actually been used in sacred traditions for centuries.

Originated in ancient times, the hexagram originally served as a decoration or as a magical sign. Hinduism is used to represent the ideal state of meditation.

Sacred Geometry Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis is a geometrical shape made up of two intersecting circles. It represents polarity and the relationship of two equal opposites that are connected by their centers.

This symbol is also associated with the idea of how the “one” can separate within itself to create two independent figures. Additionally, it is seen as a symbol of the human eye as a mirror to the soul.

In conclusion, the many meanings of sacred geometry clearly represent the attempt by humans to give significance to the naturally occurring patterns that are encountered in the environment.

The geometrical shapes mentioned are only a few of the many that have been created and used in sacred geometry.

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