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astronomy solar system bracelet

solar system bracelets

Solar System Bracelets. A Hit for People Who Love Space or Astrology

If you want to have the universe on your wrist then you have come to the right place! With our Solar System Bracelet, you can make it possible.

Solar system bracelet meaning: Our Bracelet Symbolizes you as the Sun and everything else surrounding you like the planets which result in positive energy. Our universe is mysteriously beautiful and so are you. The bracelet will help you enhance your beauty and keep you away from everything negative.

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Keep the world on a string or your wrist. This bracelet resembles the Solar System made out of semi-precious stones on a chain link. Eight stones are used all of which exemplifies all the planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Don’t worry about quality.

Astronomy Solar System Bead Bracelet

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We believe in good service and serve exactly what we show. The bracelet has beautiful precious natural stones. The stones resemble the planets of our galaxy. It has adjustable circumference with good elasticity. Extra strong elastic which means you can wear it everyday anywhere and not worry about breaking it.

solar system bead bracelets

You don’t have to worry about when to wear it and when not because of our Solar System Bracelet is fashionable for every season and every occasion. Just wear that bracelet to give a finishing touch to your full dress up and feel both positive and confident!

Unisex product. Suitable for both man and women. You are the sun, all the planets are around you so buckle up! It can also be considered as a perfect gift for anyone! It can be presented as a gift to your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague, family on various occasions like birthday, Christmas, wedding, etc.

astronomy bracelet

Well last but not list, you can add your boss in that list too! The stocks are limited. Don’t miss out on THIS OPPORTUNITY! But Don’t forget to know your wrist size before ordering. Start measuring your wrist right away if you are not sure about it. You can use your ruler and measure it yourself. The male customers will generally fit in a medium-large and the female customers will fit in a small-medium.

solar system beaded bracelet

The bracelet is water resistant but it’s not waterproof. Just keep in mind not to wear it while swimming or bathing. For long-term usage, avoid storing them in direct sunlight. avoid dropping it because the bracelet might get scratched. The product is nickel-free so it won’t cause any health issues. The bracelet is environment-friendly, non-toxic, odor free, corrosion resistant and suitable for long term wear, Clean it with cotton tissue and nail polish remover and it will be all shiny again!

Get the mini version of the entire Solar system on your wrists TODAY! Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, This bracelet will both feel and look amazing! you can use it as an essential oil bracelet also.

Hope you will have a sweet experience being our customer. Do leave a review if you liked our product. Email us if you are facing any problems or have any complaints. We are always dedicated to helping you out. Happy Shopping!

Some customers reviews

This solar bracelet fits nicely around my wrist. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you 🙂


I love my bracelet, i wear it everyday, it looks very nice in my wrist.


my daughter loves this bracelet, it was a birthday gift. I think I will order another one for me 🙂


This is the perfect gift for any astronomy lover, thank you


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