Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits

Sri Yantra Meaning And Benefits explined

What exactly is a Yantra?

The word Yantra means “to receive” or “to support”. Yantras are ritual diagrams from the Vedic, Hindu and Tantric cultures, which are said to have a great effect.

Characteristic for a yantra are 3 things: a geometric figure, 2 circles with lotus leaves and the outer perimeter (the walls)…

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The importance of the Sri Yantras

Besides the flower of life and the platonic bodies, the Sri Yantra meaning can be defined in another very powerful symbol of “Holy Geometry”. ln Vedic culture, yantras are also referred to as machines or as engines, because they are supposed to set something in motion and create something new.
In India and the Vedic culture they are not only used in meditation but also for religious purposes. Painted as an energy picture on wall paper or fabric,  they are omnipresent in India and are present in almost every house.

What are the Sri Yantra benefits

Considered as one of the oldest, purest and strongest symbols. The Sri Yantra benefits and powers should help us to fulfill our desires and make our lives better. It is meant to bring us wealth, both in the spiritual and material realm. It should also bring peace, strength and success to the user. The motive should help to remove obstacles in life and remove bad influences. The Sri Yantra is the yantra of Mahalaxmi, the deity of wealth and well-being. Its structure reflects the cosmic plan and symbolizes the highest form of consciousness.

What makes Sri Yantra so special?

The special feature of the Sri Yantras is its highly complex geometric form. It consists of 9 triangles, with 5 pointing downwards and representing the male force. The 4 triangles pointing upwards represent the feminine. The round dot in the middle symbolizes the origin and completion of creation.

The special arrangement of the 9 triangles creates a fascinating diagram with a total of 43 small triangles, which now hangs as a beautiful energy image in our living room?

In the beginning, it’s all about one point, the bindu (power source I conception): extreme condensed energy – the entire cosmic energy.

The circle represents the cyclical development of visualization.

The central point with the circle also symbolizes Shiva-Shakti. The smaller the radius, the higher the frequency. When there is no radius and point and perimeter have become one, Shiva and Shakti have united.

The lotus: for the tantric a concentration of subtle energy, the flower is also the yoni, the female creative principle. Only 8 and then 16 lotus petals represent the lotus of creation and fertile life force.

The square: stable and solid, it forms the element earth, the power of condensation and manifestation In the Yantra, the square is a sacred precinct, open to the outside world through 4 t-shaped doors that are initiation thresholds

The Four Gates of the Sri Yantra meaning can be represented by the four cardinal points, symbolizing the connection of the hallowed space of the Yantra to the outside world.

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