Tibetan Singing Bowls Benefits & Use

Are you among the 500 million people who regularly meditate? Meditation offers a slew of benefits to everyone who has the patience to do so. Doing so helps people focus on the present, allowing them to manage their stress better. It also helps people become more aware of themselves, improving their patience and creativity.

However, people are having trouble focusing on themselves nowadays because of the pandemic’s impact. If it’s difficult for you to focus, a Tibetan singing bowl can provide some assistance.

Singing bowls are commonplace in yoga classes, massage parlors, and reiki therapeutic sessions. Despite how much these establishments use them, though, only a few people know much about them. To learn more about these unique bowls, read everything to know about singing bowls, including the benefits and how to use them.

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What are Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Himalayan singing bowls are instruments made from various metals like mercury, lead, and iron. Some more expensive variants have large amounts of copper, silver, or gold present. Evidence points to these bowls originating from the monasteries in the Himalayan mountain range, with the first recorded use in 16th-century BC by Buddhist monks.

It was only during the 20th century that these bowls became popular in the West. Westerners imported it during the 1970s, and these bowls only became popular during the 1990s.

Since their adoption, Western society has found alternative materials to use when making these bowls. Instead of using metal, some made singing bowls using silica sand. The results are crystal singing bowls, which give off the same sounds and effects. However, they aren’t as durable as metal singing bowls, which may limit their use.

The bowl’s design is the only thing that stayed the same throughout these years. Despite most calling them bowls, these energy-healing tools function primarily as bells. With a deep base and wide mouth, singing bowls produce a deep, resonating sound when used.

When not in use, monks stored small food items in these bowls, like rice and other grains. They even use it to store their smaller singing bowls, which produce a sharper sound when played. Nowadays, singing bowls have a more active role in different industries.

The Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

The sound produced by the bowls affects the body on three levels. The first level is physical, which is how it provides you with medical benefits. Singing bowls do so by resonating in specific frequencies.

By striking the bowl and playing it as intended, it produces resonating sound waves that vibrate the air. These vibrations are persistent enough to penetrate deep into your body, affecting your muscles, bones, and tissues. It improves various aspects of your body, from blood circulation to digestion.

The resonance is like shock-wave stimulation, too. Muscle regeneration and pain relief become beneficial side effects because of this. All these lead to more efficient energy use, helping you reach your physical peak.

Tibetan singing bowls also affect you on a mental level. The resonance sinks deep into your psyche thanks to the calming effect of the sound. It relaxes you enough to where it clears your mind.

Doing so allows you to refocus your thoughts, making way for improved concentration and self-realization. It also improves your mental strength, giving you a more positive outlook on life.

Last, Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation can help to promote spiritual growth. Tibetan singing bowls have a place in alternative healing because of the vibrations it produces. These can clear spiritual blockages, allowing you to achieve a balanced state between all three levels.

Harmonics produced by these bowls also cleanse your chakras. Clean chakras help you have a more positive opinion of yourself and can help you experience bliss.

How Does Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Work?

Tibetan Singing Bowls Uses

As mentioned above, Buddhist practitioners used singing bowls to help in meditation. The sound it produced allowed for greater peace during their sessions. It also helped them focus, further helping them in their journey to enlightenment.

After its boom in popularity, Western society similarly used singing bowls. It found use in different wellness treatments like sound and massage therapy. It’s because of how well the sound these bowls produce that can help you relieve stress.

The stress that Tibetan singing bowls relieve helps you relax your muscles. Relieving yourself from stress also helps clear your mind, allowing you to focus on different variables like sound and touch. Doing so greatly improves the effectiveness of the aforementioned therapies.

These singing bowls also improve the effects of sleep therapy. By relieving tension, you can fall into a deeper sleep faster. Because of this, it also has a way of reducing the effects of depression on an individual.

To date, people still use singing bowls to aid in meditation. However, people apply these Buddhist Healing Accessories in more active scenarios, too. Yoga classes and some dance studios use these bowls because of their effects on muscles.

You can also find these bowls in music therapy. The resonance made helps musically inclined individuals become better-tuned to notes. It also promotes self-expression, an important quality in musical therapy.

Singing bowls also have different reported medical benefits. We’ll explore more about what they are and how they work in the next segment.

How to use a Tibetan Singing Bowl

how to use a tibetan singing bowl

Professionals use singing bowls in different ways. The most basic way they use these instruments is by filling them up with water and striking them with a mallet. Here, the bowl is in the middle of a room small enough that the vibrations can reach each of its corners.

It’s the primary method of use when multiple people are having therapy at once. If it’s a personal session, though, there are two ways professionals use these. One method has the bowls around the body.

Doing so surrounds you with frequencies, soothing your mind and spirit. The other method has bowls placed on specific areas of your body. Placing them on key points allows the resonant frequencies to penetrate deep into your body.

Once placed around or on your body, practitioners will strike the bowl or make circles with it. They do a particular sequence of strikes and rimmings to create specific vibrations. Depending on how they strike it, they can induce relaxation or improve concentration.

How to Hold and Play the Bowl

If you want to learn how to play a Tibetan singing bowl for yourself, it’s quite simple. There are only two ways to use a singing bowl, striking and rimming.

Striking the bowl is straightforward. Hold the bowl in one hand and, with your dominant hand, strike the bowl’s exterior with the padded side of the mallet. The bowl should produce a pleasant sound, which you can replicate once it’s dissipated.

Rimming is when you make a gentle strike on the bowl and slowly begin circling its exterior. Doing this before the vibrations dissipate makes the bowl reverberate. It’s the harder method of using the bowl, but new mallets are often the culprit behind the difficulty.

New mallets are smooth, which means you won’t cause the bowl to reverberate with them. To break in a new mallet, rim and strike the bowl for five minutes. Doing so helps develop groves that can improve the vibrations made during rimming.

Potential Risks Involved

Some believe Tibetan singing bowls can pose potential risks to whoever uses them. While there’s not much evidence behind them, it’s best to keep these in mind when using these bowls.

For one, frequencies and vibrations may induce seizures in whoever is prone to them. Epileptics need to be wary when they feel headaches or their usual trigger signs. Speaking of headaches, you may experience them when playing them too close to your head.

Pregnant women best stay away from these, too. The effects of the vibrations on unborn children aren’t well-researched. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you want to ensure your child comes out as healthy as he/she can be.

What’s well known, though, is metal allergy. Pay close attention to the bowls you’ll buy if you don’t want to suffer from the effects of mercury, silver, or copper allergy. If you want to be sure, opt for crystal singing bowls instead.

Singing Bowls: How To Choose One

Getting the best Tibetan singing bowl for yourself is easy. All you need to do is get it from a reliable source. You can look up online retailers and pick one out for yourself from their selection, but you won’t know how it will sound until you get it.

For the best experience, check out physical stores in your area. New-age shops are sure to have them in stock. If you can’t find any of these stores in your area, check meditation centers, music shops, or yoga studios.

Don’t skimp on the price, too. More expensive bowls often mean they’re made from higher-quality materials. They’ll produce a better sound and more vibrations with each strike.

Relaxation and peace of mind are only a stone’s throw away when you have such a bowl to use. Being easy to use and having few risks involved, a singing bowl will help you get there. Get a Tibetan singing bowl now and improve every aspect of your health today! this item is a smart choice to buy for your health and even as a gift for others.

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