Top Charm Bracelets: A Symbol of Personal Expression and Memories

What are Charm Bracelets?

Charm bracelets are wrist jewelry items with special jewels, markings, or decorative trinkets especially designed to bring you some personal value, mark a special occasion, or fulfill your beliefs.

Wearing charm jewelry bring good luck according to some beliefs whereas other uses the personalized element in these bracelets to make the special day of a loved one memorable.

No matter how you perceive them, charm bracelets can make a perfect jewelry item just of their aesthetic value as well. So, a must-have for everyone!

Top charm bracelets from Yoga Mandala:

Here are the top charm bracelets from the Yoga Mandala:

7 Chakra Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet [2 Variants]

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This bracelet helps to balance the energy in your body. The symbolism here is the chakra used in the form of a bracelet to let you keep it along every time for keeping your chakras balanced

Each of the stones used in the chakra has its special natural properties. You can expect positive changes in your life while wearing this tree of the life jewelry.

This is a multiple-purpose bracelet. Along with the chakra, symbolism to manage your energy, this specific bracelet introduced by The Yoga Mandala has oil diffusing properties as well. 

You can use your favorite essential oil to soothe your body. Chakra clearing and Reiki healing are the two major advantages of the 7 chakra bracelets. You can also use it as an aesthetic lava bead bracelet to give your personality a new touch.

The golden color of the elephant symbol with turquoise beads can bring calm and peace to your soul along with support to the diminishing population of elephants. 

The Hindu religion has specific attributes and miracles associated with elephants. It is believed to bring a good change in your life. You can buy the turquoise elephant bracelet charm here.

Save The Sea Turtles Bracelet

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Intelligence, consistency, and beauty are the three things attributed to this bracelet. Turtles denote the mannerism and sophistication in the animals as they fully abide by the water currents and return to the shore when the waves of the sea want them to.

Moreover, the Save the Sea Turtle Bracelet is a reminder to save ocean life and stop polluting the home of millions of different species living in the water.

What hand do you wear a Lucky charm bracelet on

Historically, charm bracelets were worn on the belief that the charms would bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Additionally, it was also believed that the charms would have a powerful effect when worn on the non-dominant hand, as it was thought that this hand was closest to the heart. Today, many people still choose to wear bracelets on their non-dominant hands as a way to honor tradition, and also to keep their charms close to their hearts.

For how long have Charm Bracelets been in use?

Charm bracelets are in use for thousands of years, and they extend beyond cultures and religions. The researchers have traced the history of these bracelets back to the Neolithic era (12000 years ago) when bracelets were used to ward off the evil eye.

In the Egyptian era (after 7000 years of the Neolithic era), these charms were used to bring good luck to the people. They were considered strong and the people were buried with charms for the afterlife2500 years ago, these charm bracelets were quite popular in Persian civilizations and were believed to have magical powers. 

In the Roman Empire, the use of charms was for identification purposes. Christians wore charms to identify other Christians whereas Jews wrote Jewish laws and wear them as a necklace enclosed in a fish-shaped design.

The charms had also been used by the warriors for protection against the enemies in the Middle Ages.

In the Victorian era, the queen used charm jewelry as decorative pieces, and since then charm jewelry is being used by everyone irrespective of their beliefs.

Since World War 2, the use of charms has been done to memorize special events, places, and victories, and that has gone up further with branded shops like The Yoga Mandala bringing you some of the finest collections of these charms.

Types of Charms:

As the history of the charms indicates, they are not only associated with religious figures or for showing religious respect or solidarity rather there are multiple things involved. Here are the major types of charms divided based on their properties.

Gemstone Charms:

These charms have natural properties associated with them. When used in the bracelet, these charms can be a part of your personality and give you a driving force for your life.

Lucky symbol charm:

Some charms are specifically known as the lucky symbol. Hamsa hand, tree of life, and eye of Horus, horseshow are some of the symbols that are specifically used in jewelry, including bracelets for this purpose, forming the charm bracelets.

Hobbies Charm:

You would have seen airplanes, globes, compasses, etc. in the bracelets. These bracelets signify the hobby charm. Mostly such charms are worn by people who are obsessed with a particular hobby or passion.

Faith Charm:

The use of crosses in Christianity and elephant in Hinduism are the two most common examples of religious charm. Needless to say, people wearing them believe that these charms will benefit them and keep the evil spirits off.

Relationship Charm:

Bracelets with names scripted, dates mentioned, and pictures are examples of relationship charms. These symbols highlight the importance of a particular person, date, or event in life, and these are used as a means of showing love.

How many charms should be on a charm bracelet

There is no set number of charms that should be on a charm bracelet. The number can vary depending on personal preference, and how many charms the person wants to collect over time. Some people prefer to have a few large and meaningful charms on their bracelets, while others prefer to have many small and varied charms. Ultimately, the number of charms on a bracelet is a matter of personal taste and style.


Charm bracelets are timeless and versatile pieces of jewelry that can be personalized to reflect the wearer’s unique style and interests. From the traditional to the contemporary, these bracelets can be customized to suit any taste. They can be worn on any hand, but traditionally it is worn on the non-dominant hand.

The number of charms on a charm bracelet is a matter of personal preference and can range from a few large and meaningful charms to many small and varied ones. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for someone or a way to treat yourself, a charm bracelet is a beautiful and meaningful way to tell your story. As you add new charms to your bracelet, you will be reminded of special moments and memories, making your bracelet a cherished treasure that will be treasured for years to come.

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