What Are Chakra Bracelets? Meaning and Healing Powers Explained


Tree Of Life 7 Chakra Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

7 chakra bracelets Meaning and signification

Chakra bracelets will help balance and align your 7 chakra’s. Chakra’s are energy centers located in the aura level of your body that correspond to different emotions, and parts of the body.

Chakra bracelets are accessories that are used to activate a person’s chakras. They are popular in India. In recent past, they have spread to other parts of the world such as Paris and Los Angeles. Chakras are “energy centers” that control our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. They cannot be seen or felt.

Chakras reside from the top of the head to the base of the spine. It is believed that Chakra bracelets have healing powers. The bracelets restore energy and balance to these centers. They are made of various materials which include crystals, beads, sandalwood etc.

7 Chakra Lava Stones Diffuser Bracelet
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How Chakra Bracelets Work

So, how do they work? Every person needs to wear only one to feel mental calmness and peace! Chakra bracelets are unisex regardless of gender or age, which makes them a very accessible medium for healing power.

The Healing Benefits Of The chakra bracelets Gemstones Explained

Chakra bracelets usually consist of seven colored Gemstones that each represent one of the seven energies that needs to be balanced.

  • For the crown chakra (connects with spirit) located at the top of your head I use amethyst gemstone (purple) which introduces one’s guides and angels, helps in insomnia and eases stress.
  • For the third-eye chakra (seeing beyond the physical realities and understanding of non-physical truth) located between the eyes I use mother-of-pearl (white) which soothes and reduces stress and worry, increases knowledge that everything is okay.
  • For the throat chakra (center of communication and expression, where anger is stored and finally let go) located at the base of the throat I use blue lace agate gemstone (blue) which makes self-expression easier and aids in speaking out.
  • The heart chakra (directs ones ability to love oneself and others, and to give and to receive) located in the heart area, I use green aventurine gemstone (green) which opens the heart to others and increases trust in life.
  • The solar-plexus chakra (receiver, distributor, and processor of energy and perceptual feeling) located just below the ribs, I use citrine gemstone (yellow) which aids urinary, kidney, and digestive diseases, clears, expands and aligns aura bodies.
  • The belly chakra (basic needs are sexuality, self-esteem as personal power) located in the navel area, I use carnelian gemstone (orange) which stimulates and balance’s a women’s reproductive system.
  • The base chakra (holds the basic need for security, safety and survival, body parts: hips, legs, lower back) located in the pelvic area, I use garnet gemstone (red) which repels disharmonious others from your aura energy, and brings sexual healing.

Turquoise Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet
Turquoise Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

Chakra bracelets can be worn by anyone regardless of gender or age. They contain the seven colours of the rainbow which represent the seven chakra energy centers. Each color on the bracelet represents each of the seven energy centers.

The seven energies in the bracelet are: base, brow, sacral, crown, heart, throat and solar plexus. The bracelet should be cleansed and energized to give it special powers.
Important Caveat: Chakra bracelets that do not undergo this process do not work.
Getting the most out of the bracelets require the wearers to be keen on how Chakra bracelets work and how they are worn.
Chakra healing is done through crystals and Chakra stones(charms). Every Chakra contains color and vibrational frequency which is similar to the frequency and color in the crystals.

Vibrational frequency and the colour scheme of the crystals are used in pairing each Chakra with specific stones in the bracelet. This makes the crystals to influence a person’s Chakra through the vibrational frequency which is aligned to each Chakra.

The crystals emit energy that activates and revitalizes a particular Chakra. This recalibrates an individual’s vibrational frequency which results to better health and well-being. The crystals present in Chakra bracelets therefore make it convenient and hassle-free for human beings to take care of their chakras.
7 Chakra Healing Crystals Bracelet
7 chakra healing crystals bracelet

The bracelets also influence the aura and energy of a person by focusing the mind and emotions positively. They normally act as distractors to distressing situations in a positive way. Wearing a Chakra bracelet acts as a constant reminder of areas of life that require healing and improvement. This is its meditative function.
The wearer should have faith in the ability of the bracelet to heal. It has a huge impact on how an individual faces traumatic events when they occur. It therefore helps an individual to shift from negative feelings to positive ones.

It is not a must that one should be undergoing any problem to experience the healing factor of Chakra bracelets.
The bracelets, if worn without any healing intentions, can still add a lot to your overall life energy, and improve your emotional focus for the better.Some people where them purely for aesthetics because they can match any outfit.
7 Chakra Lava Stones Diffuser Bracelet
7 chakra stones bracelet

These bracelets do not require much effort to use as compared to meditation or yoga. They are simple to use. They are perfect for achieving psychological and emotional stability within a short time. Moreover, they also produce optimal results when used alongside yoga or meditation.
Chakra bracelets should be kept clean and foreign debris removed so that they don’t interfere with the energies. Wearing this bracelet regularly will make you feel purified, rejuvenated, enlightened and balanced at the same time.

Agate Stone Lion Eye Mala Energy Beads Bracelet
Agate Stones Lion Eye Mala Energy Beads

The seven chakra bracelets works as a balancer, by taking in the negative energy into the gemstones and replacing it with positive energy that is specific to each gemstone. Once the chakra’s are aligned it may cause subtle changes to take place in your life. You may begin a new path of learning for a health problem, or things you may not have understood before regarding a personal problem you may begin to understand. It may get you started on a whole new path of awakening. For me it did all of the above.

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