What is Fatima Hand?

Fatima hand is a symbol of protection against evil, goodness, and good luck. Fatima hand also known as Hamsa Hand (meaning five), is a symbol dominant in various cultures, signifying different backgrounds of its origin and the benefits that come along.

The Fatima hand is a symbol of a human hand with an eye in the middle of the palm. The five fingers of the hand could be related to the different components, meaning that each of the fingers has a specific domain on which it impacts.

Who Wears Fatima Hand or Hand of Hamsa?

Hand of Hamsa or Fatima hand is famous in Muslim and Jewish culture. Similarly, Christianity and Buddhist religions also have a strong belief in this symbol.

All these religions that have a strong inclination towards this symbol believe in some Supreme power and consider this symbol to be the source of getting guidance, power, and energy, especially in difficult times of the lives.

How is Fatima Hand used in Jewelry?

The Fatima hand is either inscribed on the beads of the jewelry items like necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and other ornamental items or it is included as the trinkets in between the beads or the Hamsa Hand Of Fatima Necklace.

Meaning of Fatima hand in different religions:

As discussed each religion sees it with different meanings. Here is a brief overview that would highlight the differences of interpretation in each religion:

Hinduism and Buddhism:

Hindus and Buddhists see the hand of Fatima to depict the five human senses. For each of the five fingers, sensory organs are associated. Their health and the capacity in the human being are expected to be protected by each of the fingers of the hand.


In Islam, different meanings and mythologies have been associated with this symbol. Some religious scholars believe the five fingers of the hand to highlight the five pillars of Islam whereas for the others the hand highlights the Prophet (P.B.U.H) along with the family of his youngest daughter.

Another group in Islam associates the Fatima hand with an incident from the life of the Holy family narrating that Hazrat Ali (R.A) brought concubine into his home while his wife Hazrat Fatima (R.A) was cooking food. 

After seeing such an incident, she was so stressed that she unknowingly started using her hand instead of a spoon, making her negligent of the physical pain in front of the emotional one. So, to highlight this incident, Fatima hand has been created and is known by her name.

The use of this symbol, however, is considered, a symbol of protection against evil and the cause of goodwill.


In the Jewish religion, the hand signifies the five books of the Torah (the religious book of Jews). Jewish also associate this hand to be the “hand of Miriam.”

The difference in meaning based on the position:

The usual position of the Fatima hand is upward. In this position, it acts as a symbol of protection against the evil eye. When put in the downward, it symbolizes the change in a positive sense.

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