20 Best Yoga Block Exercises For Beginners

20 Yoga Block Exercises That Challenge Your Mobility and Strength

This article intends to come up with a list of twenty foam yoga block exercises for beginners. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This phrase is true when it comes to yoga.

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Most times, for instance, a yoga beginner will not be able to do some of the poses the gurus consider to be basic such as the pigeon pose.

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List Of Yoga Block Exercises For Beginners


It is also known as the Tadasana and is the root of all the standing yoga poses. It is the most basic yoga block workout and it teaches you ways to consciously connect the various parts of your body into one simple pose and improve your body posture.

When consistency is maintained, it helps relieve pain and helps in the development of the correct alignment for your yoga lifestyle practice.


This is also known as Sukhasana; it is considered one of the oldest yoga practices in existence. Judging from its name, one would think that it is very easy; however, this is not the case. It is mostly done just before commencing other yoga block core exercises as it helps in warm-ups. It is great for preparing you for other advanced hip opening exercises.


This is also known as Phalakasana and is quite essential for building the right core and arm strength. This is essential for many other yoga block exercises. It should be used as a transitioning pose between the various poses and it also builds the right alignment and strength that is important for growing your practice.

It is advisable that should a plank get a bit challenging for you as a beginner, get down on your knees then try to get to a full plank by lifting your knees gently for a breath. Slowly increase the duration of time you hold the plank.


Also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana and is one of the most popular yoga block exercises in the western world. It is an all-around mind-blowing pose ideal for strengthening and stretching your body.

It teaches a beginner how they should build their core and upper body; evenly distribute their body. It also relieves tightness and tension in the backs, legs, and shoulders.

It is important to note that the entire body should be engaged during this yoga practice to ensure the weight doesn’t fall on one part of the body.


This is also known as Banarasana Il; it uses the same concept as the high lunge but the fingertips touch the floor. It strengthens the core muscles and helps open the hips up. It is a common pose that is ideal for transitioning. it forms the foundation for many other yoga block exercises.

20 Best Yoga Block Exercises For Beginners


Also known as Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana and is widely used even in other workout routines. It strengthens the glutes and the thighs; it is also the perfect core toner.

In addition to this, the high lunge gives your hip flexors that desired deep stretch. Finally, it evenly distributes weight and enhances body balance.


Also known as Balasana and is a resting pose. It is a great tension reliever, especially in the back, ankles, and hips; the child’s pose also relieves tension. After a vigorous exercise, this yoga block exercise is ideal for catching your breath.


Also known as Ardha Uttanasana. It is an excellent forwarding folding pose. ‘It helps relieve tension at the back, shoulders, and the neck ‘It improves the range of motion ‘Enhances flexibility For a beginner, it is ideal that one includes a half-forward bent rather than a full one as a beginner is likely to have very firm hamstrings.


Also known as Utkatasana and is somewhat similar to a squat. However, for the chair pose, the feet are together, the lower body is grounded and the upper body is lifted. Balance is very important for this yoga block exercise. It helps to build the strength of the legs and builds the core.


It is also known as Matsyendra and is a twist pose. Twist poses are great yoga block exercises for decompressing the spine and digestion. The Matsyendra helps improve posture and relieves back pain.

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Also known as Marjariasana and is the second pose of the two-pose flow. The name cat pose comes from the way one arches their back emulating a cat in fear. This yoga block exercise is excellent for giving your neck a nice stretch and at the same time stretching the spine and shoulders.


Also known as Bitilasana; it goes hand in hand with the cat pose to create that flow. It is possible to do the cow pose alone but doing the two together helps relax the body and mind; stretches the neck, abdomen, and chest. It also promotes peace and growth of the mind.


This pose is also known as Shavasana and is termed as a resting pose. It is mostly used after yoga practice and is ideal for mental exercise. This exercise may appear easy but it is not, most people will even skip this part.

It is effective in decreasing cortisol levels, relieving anxiety and stress and at the same time helps in weight loss. It is important to relax and wind down after vigorous yoga block exercises.


Also known as Bhujangasana and is the baby of all the backbend poses. It is a great yoga block exercise for beginners as it helps prepare the body for more extreme backbends.

It opens the way for the Bow Pose and the Upward Facing Dog. It is a great chest opener for beginners that have extremely firm shoulders.


Also known as Virksasana; it is an exuberant balancing pose. It helps prepare the body for more technical balancing poses. It also improves body stability and helps in shifting weights.

For the tree pose to be effective, it helps to focus on one particular object as it helps maintain balance.

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This is also known as the Salabhasana and is a mild backbend excellent for strengthening the glutes, back, and abdominals. In this yoga block exercise, you don’t only lift the upper body but the entire body as well. The more the core gets build-up, the higher you are able to lift.


Also known as Virabhadrasana I. It is similar to the High Lunge and is the first of the three warrior poses. However, unlike the high lunge for this pose, the back foot is grounded to the floor and rotated at a particular angle- this allows for deeper stretching of the hip. It helps firm the torso and engages the core.

18. WARRIOR 11

This is also known as Virabhadrasana II. This pose is similar to tom Warrior | but in this pose, the positioning of the torso and the arms are different. These yoga block exercises for beginners are ideal for strengthening the leg muscles. They are also used as a transition when doing other poses.


Also known as Trikonasana and is essentially one of the first yoga practices taught in a yoga class. Its main focus is the proper alignment of the body. One is supposed to fit between two walls and be in a linear position.

Amazing hip and chest opener yoga block exercise. It also helps in the stretching of the hamstrings.


Also known as Virasana; it is a seated pose and is excellent for stretching the knees, ankles, and thighs. It also improves posture and relaxes tight knees and ankles. The Hero Pose can also be used as a resting pose during yoga block stretches and as a breathing exercise.

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Yoga block exercises for beginners should be fun and beneficial to all yoga newbies. If you are interested in yoga, why not go ahead and do it? Check our Zoe bray cotton yoga burn reviews – How a yoga program can help women burn fat in 12 weeks.

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