Yoga Burn Review: Is it Really RIGHT For You?

Yoga Burn Reviews


Yoga burn is a 3 phases yoga program, based on specific yoga poses that increase your body’s metabolism to burn fat. The yoga videos in this program can be streamed via member private space, or downloaded in computer or smartphone.

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A certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton is the brains behind the Yoga Burn program.

Her specialty is in assisting people to get optimal results from yoga and uses dynamic sequencing to inspire positive results from any yoga session.



Yoga Burn is a comprehensive 12-week long follow-along series created by Zoe Bray. It is divided into three exclusive phases-each approximately structured to take about four weeks (hence the 12-week long duration)-with its primary focus being flexibility, strength, stress and weight management.

The program is available in video format, which you can either directly download to your device (mobile or computer) or DVD format availed at your doorstep on order.
Yoga Burn system phases

How Does The Yoga Burn Program Work?

This program centers on the Dynamic Sequencing principle. What this means is that you are correctly performing the poses in a defined manner. The program indicates that it is when you are performing the correct poses, at the proper time, while following a precise order which allows you to reap the benefits fully.

In reality, it is a challenging experience. It challenges your entire body to get you stronger, and more toned. However, many reviews attest that the dynamic sequencing ensures that every yoga poses you perform builds on your last one helping you acquire your desired results.

Zoe claims that results are noticeable after a few days and that the program is effective in promoting weight management devoid of relying on any cardio or restrictive dieting.

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The Three Phases of The Yoga Burn System for Women

Phase 1: Foundational Flow

foundational flow phase

This is the stage where you learn the basics of yoga and build a flexibility and strength foundation. This is to enable you to perform the poses safely and adequately. The moves here are designed to boost your overall metabolism.

Furthermore, it is here that you establish a robust mind-body link that allows you to have total control of your body muscles- a crucial skill for later stages of the program.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

transitional flow phase

In this phase, you learn new poses and sequences that help you build on what you started on in the initial stage. You also get to try out new poses that are structured to lighten up your moods while also working on your problem areas.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

mastery flow phase

While in this stage, you combine everything you learned from the 1st and 2nd phases. The poses and exercises in this phase fully spark up your body metabolism, and it is here that you begin to notice several body transformations and get more comfortable exercising your yoga skills.


Also, the program offers you two exclusive bonuses that include:

1. Follow-Along Audio Version Sessions: You only need to download the audio version in mp3 format into a listening device and use it at your convenience

2. Tranquillity Flow Videos: These are exclusive videos that assist you in tuning into de-stress and calm state. They are useful especially when you need quick relief from various distresses.


As per the findings of this review of yoga burn, the best place to get this program is at the Official Site. Price starts from $37 and it comes with a 60-day comprehensive money-back guarantee and two bonus items. Order the Yoga Burn Program Now and get important bonuses with a big discount on the official website.

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