Yoga Burn Reviews: Is it Really RIGHT For You?

About Yoga Burn

Yoga burn is an estimated 12 weeks challenge workout for women that can be done in the comfort of your home, meaning that the burden of going to the gym is now lifted. Awesome, right? But does it really get results? And is it worth the cash? Let’s find out…


Weight gain has been a constant struggle for many people these days and choosing the best method of losing weight is also a struggle on its own.

According to many yoga burn reviews, this workout is an excellent way of losing weight and it not only applies to the weight loss aspect using Dynamic Sequencing Yoga. It also makes you connect with your inner self, understand yourself better, and meditate.

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Above all these, it can be wrapped up with one word… fun!

Let’s review the yoga burn program and take a look at what is all about.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Yoga burn is designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and female body transformation personal trainer expert. According to research, over 100,000 women have purchased and benefited from this solution since it was released in 2014. The ultimate aim is to help women burn fat and get that great shape at the end of the 12 weeks workout.

Yoga Burn Dynamic Sequencing

Dynamic sequencing is when you use a certain method of working out and your body gets used to it and it now becomes less or even not effective at all, so you change to another method of working out, ensuring that you are making progress that you need in losing weight, and of course, improving your health altogether.

Yoga Burn Program Phases

This program consists of three phases and has nine different workout videos to guide you throughout this experience.

Phase 1: Foundational Flow

This phase is the foundation of the whole workout, so basically you will be familiarized with what you will be doing over the next 12 weeks. You will also be engaged in various workouts but on a lighter note, compared to the next phases.

This is where the body will be trained slowly on how to adapt itself to exercising more and more often.

Foundation Flow

Phase 2: Transitional Flow

Phase two now gets a little bit more intense, as you now start learning new poses, and now create a flow sequence whereby you combine new poses with the ones you already learned, making it look like a routine.

The body will get to be trained on more complex and advanced poses which will now bring changes to the body when done properly.

Transitional Flow

Phase 3: Mastery Flow

Phase three now comes after a span of over eight weeks, meaning you will have undertaken half of the program. In this phase, you will now start combining everything you’ve learned into other yoga sessions.

Mastery Flow

At this phase, you’re probably an expert and already are used to the exercise. By combining your knowledge of all the yoga techniques you are already familiar with, it will be a walk in the park for you.


Yoga Burn Phases

In this program, each phase lasts for four weeks, with each workout lasting for a total of 45 minutes. Most of the yoga burn review articles suggest that one should have a workout plan, where on days that there are no yoga sessions, you can engage in exercise that also acts as a way of relaxing your body and mind after the intense yoga sessions. Activities like swimming, and jogging can serve as good exercising activities.

After going through some of the reviews, here are just the answers to some of the questions you probably might be meaning to ask concerning this program.

1. Is this program suitable for people who have never tried yoga before?

The answer is yes … Zoe will take you through modified poses that you can be comfortable doing, so no worries, this program is just for you.

2. Does one need to change their lifestyle in terms of diet…?

well, the number one step to losing weight is changing your lifestyle, and that is changing your diet which of course means reducing your intake of calories, and drinking a lot of water among other healthy diets, so yes, you must change your diet to get the best results after this program.

3. Does this program have a guarantee…?

Of course yes, there is a guarantee. With the purchase of yoga burn from the official website, you automatically get a 60- day money-back guarantee.
With every good thing comes that disadvantageous side, right…? so here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with this program.

Yoga Burn Advantages

1. It is suitable for anyone aiming to lose weight. As | mentioned before, this program is suitable for anyone, even if you have never tried yoga before. Your dedication and effort counts and most reviews conclude that this program brings out the best results, even if you are new to yoga.

2. One does not need much space. With this program, all you need is a yoga mat and space that is suitable for one, and you are okay to go.

3. It is flexible. This program consists of modified poses that are easy on your joints. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being too hard on your joints, especially if you are new to yoga.

4. Diet plans and meal options are selected for you. In order for you to get in shape quickly and easily, the consumption of foods that are low in fat is recommended. Healthy foods such as meat, vegetables, and fruits really aid in weight loss and many more ideas on the kinds of foods you are to eat.

5. Digital download copies are provided for you. If you have low self-esteem due to how you look and feel ashamed of going out in public or with other people to carry out the program, you don’t have to worry anymore. This is because, you are provided with a digital copy that you can play on your phone or tv, and carry out the yoga burn program privately in your residence.

Yoga Burn Program Disadvantages

1. It doesn’t work for advanced users. According to the yoga burn feedback | have come across, this program mainly embraces people who are new to yoga, so if you are advanced in yoga and you look to push yourself to the next level, then this program is just not the way to go.

2. Change of diet is still needed. Reducing your intake of calories is vital because it comes hand in hand with the yoga exercises, to ultimately lose weight, so you have to reduce calories, for this program to work for you.


So, what are the benefits that come with strictly following the yoga burn solution?

After an intense look at several yoga burn reviews, the benefits of this program are clear skin, better sleep, which leaves you rejuvenated weight loss, and more focus which increases the ability of the brain to function properly. It also increases your confidence as you now focus on yourself and aim to see yourself getting into good shape.

Lastly, here are some of the tips to use while undertaking a yoga burn monthly program.

1. Use a relatively hot room. You can achieve this by increasing the temperature of the room because with that you can increase the rate of your sweating during the yoga sessions.

2. Take the yoga sessions in the morning. This will enable you to work out efficiently as you are very refreshed at that time of the day.

For better results, the environment in which you are exercising is very important to consider. Recommended places like a sauna or a steam room. When you are in a hot room and exercise well, your skin pores open up and release a lot of sweat from the body. You will feel relaxed and very comfortable when you rest at night.

The other reason why ladies are mostly fond of carrying out this practice in hot steamy rooms is, that your skin becomes lighter. This is because when the skin sweats then you take a warm shower immediately after the workout, the skin with the pores open is able to be clean and the top layer will be shed off. Within a few weeks of this, you will notice a change in your skin tone which will have a positive impact on your life by boosting your confidence in the days ahead.

You are also free to do your own research if you still aren’t convinced of this yoga burn review. Being cautious of your health is important but | would highly recommend you to take the yoga burn.

To purchase this program and enjoy the 60-day money-back guarantee and bonus offers, visit

The price is from $37 to $57 with shipping, depending on the product you choose.

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