Bohemian Dreamcatcher Keychain

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Bohemian dream catcher key chain
Bohemian Dreamcatcher Keychain

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Grab Yourself A Funky Bohemian Dreamcatcher Keychain Mix Of Amulet Charms Key Ring

Bohemian Dreamcatcher Keychain

Our charming hand-crafted Boho Dreamcatcher Keychains are outfitted with the most powerful yoga symbols from all over the world.

This boho keychain accessory brings together a charming Stone at the heart of the dream catcher and other good luck talismans including Hamsa hand & feather amulet. A leather strip is looped to allow the user to string it to a key ring.

Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye: A powerful ancient symbol that protects against people’s bad intentions and jealousy. The evil eye reflects any curses and negative vibes.

Item Details:

  • Type: Dream Catcher with Amulets Key Ring
  • Color: 4 Colors- Turquoise, Pink, Black, and Brown
  • Total Length: 14cm (5.5in )
  • Weight: 80g (2.8 oz)

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Black – Balancing, Brown – Grounding, Pink – Charming, Blue – Relaxing