Handmade Yoga Bracelets To Bring Healing, Love & Intention

Yoga Bracelets Meaning

These healing bracelets are more than just a piece of healing jewelry. Their therapeutic and spiritual power properties make them used frequently by yogis during meditation and yoga session. They are often 19, 21, 27 54 or 108 beads.

Yoga Bracelets String

The string supports the beads and holding them in place, it represents the force that keeps beads in bracelets as one.

How to Use Yoga Bracelets

  1. Sit comfortably closes your eyes and make sure your spine is straight. Align yourself and concentrate by taking deep breaths.
  2. You can use a mantra in your practice if you have one.
  3. Begin your meditation by holding your mala beads in your right hand. Start at the guru bead and count the other smaller beads. Continue the meditation by reversing direction again.
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