Sri Yantra for Growth and Healing Amulet Bracelet


silver sri yantra bracelet
Sri Yantra for Growth and Healing Amulet Bracelet


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Growth and Healing Sri Yantra Amulet Bracelet

This Sacred Geometry chakra yantra bracelet helps in clearing all your Negative Energies bringing Peace, Prosperity, and Harmony. Surrounding this Magical center is the “Earth Square,” symbolic of the four directions, or Earth Doors.

The outer circle is composed of Blossoming Lotus petals; the Flowering of the Chakras, the opening of the Third Eye allowing access to the higher realms of perception.

Growth and Healing Silver Sri Yantra Bracelet

Item Details:

  • Length: About 26*31mm(0.057*0.068in
  • Weight:27.08g(1.066lb)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Eco-friendly Made

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