Spiritual Silver Mandala Rings Set

Soothe your spiritual side with a silver lotus mandala rings set. Set includes cut-out round mandala, cut-out half lotus, and small half lotus.

Mini Chakra Mandala Cocktail Ring

Chakra Mandala rings are “inner” mandalas that represent the person. Each ring includes seven colors of chakra. With all of the complexity of the universe, with its myriad paths and energies, it is a whole, and that is where its beauty is found. Without every layer, it would not be complete.

Handmade Sterling Silver Mandala Ring

Gorgeous bohemian rings with inspired design. This solid mandala ring is impeccably handmade and detailed in sterling silver. It wraps around your finger. Beautifully crafted from lightweight sterling silver complete with intricate filigree designs.

Sterling Silver Mandala Flower Boho Statement

Handmade Sterling Silver Boho Long and impressive Buddhist Ring with Symbolic Flower Mandala, it can fit different fingers.

Marrakech Mandala Ring

Moroccan Tile Flower Statement Mandala rings are extremely popular and beautiful. They are a source of power and inspiration for whoever wears them.

Small Deluxe Mandala Ring

Small Mandala symbols are stamped all over the top of this beautiful ring. Under the sterling silver circle, there is another Mandala symbol.

What Does a Mandala Belly Button Ring Symbolize?

You may not be aware that in some cultures mandala belly button piercings can symbolize many things. They represent strength, fertility, and even courage.

Garnet Mandala Ring

Sterling silver and garnet mandala ring, featuring an ancient symbol of the universe and sparked with garnets atop a hammered.

Flower Mandala Ring with Chakra Gemstones

The flower mandala ring with customizable chakra stones is a beautiful boho lover's accessory! It is matching earrings and necklace to this set.

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