A mandala is a geometric shape that is made by weaving strips of colorful rice paper. They are typically used to create a colorful background on a piece of furniture, blanket, or plant cover. Mandala decor is wonderful because it can be as artistic and whimsical as you like; it can even be displayed on your own desk as a decorative collage! Here are some popular items for displaying mandala art:

Scented candles - Most scented candles can easily be used as yoga accessories. They give off subtle, herbal aromas that help you relax. Choose soy or organic fragrances, and be sure to purchase at least six. When lit, the aromas will soothe your senses as you ease into meditation. Try lighting one near your yoga mat when you first begin yoga.

Scented incense - Burning incense can be therapeutic as well as energizing. Look for fragrance-free incense, which is not scented with chemicals or alcohol. Choose a simple fragrance, such as jasmine, rose, or sandalwood. This scent will relax you and draw your mind away from the hectic world of yoga. Incense burns slowly, so it will not distract you from your meditation.

Yoga poster - A yoga poster can provide the finishing touch to your yoga decor. A beautifully created poster can feature an image of an enlightened yogi, along with the mantra - Vaidya Namaskar. A yoga poster can serve as a constant reminder of the sacredness of yoga. It also serves as a wonderful photo prop for sharing with friends and family.

Meditation ball - A meditation ball makes a fantastic yoga mat. The unique material allows the meditation ball to absorb all the pressure and energy caused by your yoga positions. A nice addition to a yoga mat is a clear acrylic version that is a bit darker and richer looking. This makes a beautiful meditation gift for someone you love, and it is also an awesome meditation ball!

Stool - Any type of stool will do, as long as it has the right style. If you have a "yoga mat" sitting on the floor, and you want something more comfortable, try a good quality pair of yoga pants or leggings. If you're feeling really brave, why not go ahead and get yourself a fancy stool. It doesn't even need to match the yoga mat.

Fancier wall tapestries - I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy some tacky Oriental or European home decor, but for the sake of inclusion here's a recommendation. Go through your local thrift store and check out the tapestries. Now, don't be afraid to add a bit of your own personal style into your tapestry design. All you need is a wide-toothed comb, a bit of fabric glue, and maybe some new clasps or ribbons.

Mandala - Another favorite of mine is the Mandalas! These cute little wall hangings are perfect for any home decor theme and can make a super crafty project! All you need is a double-sided card, some glitter, and a little time. I've made some gorgeous "Mandelas" with just a few simple steps. They're so cute and girly, even I'm getting tired of them already!

Flower Power - Another all-time favorite of mine is the flower power theme. I love how each card reminds me of something special, whether it's a special flower plant or song. I've even seen a case where a person used origami to create these beautiful cards. So cute, and so easy to make too! If you're looking for a really cheap way to create this sort of home decor, I highly suggest this route. I like both the standard colors and the newer designs that are popping up in more creative circles.
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