Chakra Pyramid Crystal


Chakra Pyramid Crystal
Chakra Pyramid Crystal


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This Chakra Pyramid Crystal is a powerful and beautiful tool for healing and meditation. Each pyramid is made from high-quality, natural crystals that have been carefully chosen to correspond with the seven chakras. The pyramid shape amplifies the energy of the crystals, making them even more effective for balancing and aligning the chakras.

This chakra pyramid includes Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Jade, Red Aventurine, and Red Jasper. Each crystal represents a different chakra and its unique healing properties. The Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, Sodalite with the throat chakra, Blue Turquoise with the third eye chakra, Green Aventurine with the heart chakra, Yellow Aventurine with the solar plexus chakra, Red Jasper with the sacral chakra and the Black Obsidian with the root chakra.

Use this chakra pyramid crystal set during meditation, or place it in a room to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. This set is also a perfect gift for anyone interested in crystal healing, yoga, and spirituality. Get your hands on this beautiful and powerful set of chakra pyramid crystals today, and start balancing and aligning your chakras.

The chakra crystal pyramid is a 4-sides, made from 7 layers of gemstones. Each of the gemstone layers consists of a gemstone material that corresponds to the etheric energies of each of the main 7 chakras in the human body, in the same order in which the layers appear, from the lowest (red for the kundalini) to the highest (violet for the crown chakra).

Placing a healing crystal pyramid on your desk raises the energy around you. It allows you to stay focused while working. Placing a chakra pyramid in the refrigerator keeps your food in a high-energy environment. You can also hold it in your hand while meditating. Also, these chakra pyramids are the perfect Reiki gifts for your practitioner friend.

When you observe the energy flow patterns in a pyramid by mapping it using Kirlian Photography, you will see that there are broadly two specific phenomena. You will see a concentration of energy that takes place around the vertical axis passing through the apex of the pyramid (at 1/3 the height from its base). You can also see the energy coming out of the summit of the chakra pyramid in a spiral form.

Bring balance to your space with these beautiful chakra gifts for spiritual healing.

Item Details:

  • Pendants Type: Pyramid
  • Material: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Jade, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper
  • Size: 3.2cm x 3cm | 1.3in x 1.2in
  • Color: As pictured. The color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
  • Usage: Chakra clearing, Reiki healing, Decorative, Gift