Heart Sutra Lotus Silver Ring


Heart Sutra Lotus Silver Ring
Heart Sutra Lotus Silver Ring


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Rare Heart Sutra Lotus Silver Ring Brings You Purity, Faithfulness, And Spiritual Awakening

Lotus Ring With Heart Sutra

Wear this unique lotus ring with heart sutra, a symbol of the true meaning of the lotus flower in the Buddhism culture.

In Hinduism, The Lotus Flower Is Associated With Beauty, Spirituality, Eternity, Fertility and Prosperity.

This buddhist ring is made with Pure Silver. A Serenity Mantra Carved on the Inside. Carry It Always On Your Finger or give it a Meaningful Gift.

Item details:

  • Authentic 999 Silver Ring – Pure Silver
  • Weight: 7g
  • One Size Fits All – Resizable
  • S999 Stamp on the inside of the ring.

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