Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace Pendant

Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace
Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace Pendant

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Get Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace – Enhance Your Abundance With The Power Of Sacred Geometry

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Do you want to clean all your negative energy?

Do you need prosperity, Peace, and Harmony in your life?

Get our Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace Pendant, enjoy the power and benefits of sacred geometry. Sri Yantra also called The Instrument for Wealth is one of the most powerful Yantras in the world symbolizing the creation of the Universe. A source of attaining Worldly Desires & Fulfilling All Wishes.


This necklace helps in clearing all your Negative Energies bringing Prosperity, Peace, and Harmony.

** Who can Buy it **

Anyone who wants to experience the sacred geometry. It can be worn by women, men, and children.

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3 Necklaces for $45.99

Item Details :

  • Chain Length: 18 inches / 45 cm.
  • Pendant Size: Diameter is 1 inch / 25.4mm.
  • Material: glass alloy with a high-quality image of the yantra.
  • Color: as pictured.
  • Please remove this necklace before exposure to water. This is NOT waterproof.
  • Due to the color calibration of each individual monitor, the color may vary slightly.

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12 reviews for Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace Pendant

  1. Mike.L

    sincerely, when I saw the necklace for the first time, I told myself it’s a simple necklace like the others that are sold on the internet, but after wearing it I felt something different and magical, I really recommend your necklace and I think to buy another for my wife soon, thank you 🙂

  2. Amanda.W

    Really incredible, I wear it all the time, I love the quality of the pendant. I recommend

  3. Lucinda

    I love this necklace. I’m actually ordering 2 more.

  4. Jessica

    I love this yantra. I get compliments when people see it. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but life seems to flow easily, I am in a good place now since I’ve been wearing it.

  5. Carrol

    I love wearing my Sri Yantra. Many people question me about it, and I love telling them how this sacred geometric design has helped me be more prosperous in every area of my life. I even had someone who used to sell Silpada tell me she likes my necklace! I have worn it while teaching yoga, out to lunch with friends, and to dinner with my husband. It goes almost everywhere I go.

  6. thomas

    A very nice piece ! Thanks!

  7. Bryan

    I get so many compliments on this particular treasure…thanks so much…! I love wearing it.. very simple..yet classy… I wear it all the time.. it adds to every wardrobe I have. I will be purchasing more in the near future… Again, thanks..! Om shanti

  8. sandra

    My grandson loves his sri yantra. Many thanks.

  9. Cherri

    This is my second one, my friend saw the first one and she had to have it.

  10. Kevin

    Loved the Sri Yantra I received. Exactly as I imagined it. The meaning behind it is amazing and I wear it all the time. Thank you!

  11. Patticia

    As a long time owner operator of a gem and mineral shop, I am very sensitive to any shift in my energy field, which I did not expect with this pendant. My intent was to use the geometry as a visual aid to meditation. I removed the chain and put it on a thin braided black leather cord. When I put it around my neck I felt an instant, if slight, increase in the energy in my spine. I do feel a strengthening in the weave of my auric field.

  12. Jeremy

    When I wear the necklace it helps me feel more centered and peaceful when combined with meditation the results are awesome!!

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