Chrysocolla Earth Stone Bracelet

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Earth Stone Bracelet
Chrysocolla Earth Stone Bracelet

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One look at this Chrysocolla Earth Stone Bracelet and it reminds you of Mother Earth and its pristine turquoise-blue oceans

This Chrysocolla stone helps us build a strong connection to Gaia vibrating with the purest energy of love as a planet that gives her children all they need. Its striking colors involve the essence of life, the power of water, gentle yet powerful.

Chrysocolla is a Stone of Teaching and Communication devoted to expression, empowerment, and imparting knowledge to others. Its calming effects soothe and discharge negative energies that allow inner wisdom to surface and be expressed through gentleness.

It is a peaceful stone that encourages forgiveness, compassion, and understanding reflecting the soothing vibes of the ocean that cools fiery emotions. These yoga bracelets create balance by simultaneously stimulating the mind while relaxing emotions.

Product Details:

  • Clasp Type: Sliding Knot
  • Material: Chrysocolla
  • Chain Type: Elastic
  • Length:
    • 4mm: 21.2cm | 8.3in
    • 6mm: 20.4cm | 8in
    • 8mm: 20.8cm | 8.2in
    • 10mm: 20cm | 7.9in
    • 12mm: 20.4cm | 8in

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