Premium White Moon Bracelet

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premium white moon bracelet
Premium White Moon Bracelet

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Glows softly in the dark. Looks great in the day With The Premium White Moon Bracelet. A perfect gift for every moon lover!


Premium White Moon Bracelet

A unique, dreamy, and lovely Premium White Moon Bracelet that’s great to use for every occasion and a perfect gift for every moon lover! Glows softly in the dark. Looks great in the daytime.

Moon is a symbol of eternal love, unconditional and unchanging. These glow-in-the-dark moon bracelets make great heartfelt gifts to everyone you love…including yourself.

The Perfect Glowing Full Premium White Moon Bracelet For All The Selenophiles Out There!

Item Details:

  • Material: Glass, Silver Plated
  • Color: Green, Blue
  • Weight: 18g
  • Length: 16cm + 6cm / 6.3″ + 2.4″

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