Glowing Pyramid Crystal Necklace


Glowing In The Dark Pyramid Crystal Necklaces


Infuse your daily life with the Glowing Pyramid Crystal Necklace vibrations. Wear it as a pretty piece of jewelry


Glowing Pyramid Crystal Necklace

Glowing Pyramid Crystal Necklace made with luminescent, stunning crystal, the pendant glows brilliantly in the dark! so it makes this necklace looks more mysterious and beautiful. It is a great and original gift on many occasions.

Beauty natural crystal stone from the depths of the earth, every stone has a magic side and sacred reiki, wearing this glowing necklace brings you good luck and unlimited magic.


Item Details:

  • Type: Pendant + Necklaces
  • Pendant Size:2*2*2 cm
  • Chain length: 19 in
  • Material: Crystal
  • Worldwide Shipping

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