The Energy-Shield Bracelet


The Energy-Shield Bracelet
The Energy-Shield Bracelet


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In the modern world, little things can distract us and we can become so caught up in the stresses of our daily lives. So Keeping our energy safe and secure is not as easy as you might think. Energy-Shield Bracelet comes with three powerful healing crystals. These natural stones protect you from low energy in their own way and increase confidence, intuition, and security.

Lapis Lazuli, the royal blue stone for the throat chakra, helps you express what you mean, avoiding potential conflicts that can stem from miscommunication. It promotes your authentic self and encourages you to live by your word.

Hematite is renowned for its grounding energy. If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed, Hematite beads are the best ones to have around your wrist. This crystal promotes safety, security, and stability while unleashing your inner strength.

Onyx is a fiercely protective stone. An intuition-enhancer, it peels away inhibitions and helps you take proactive steps towards the light. Distracting thoughts are a thing of the past if you wear Onyx beads. This super stone provides security and clarity, making it excellent for transitioning through tough times.

This Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, and Onyx bracelet shield your energy from harm 24h/7.

Affirmations: Use protective mantras that promote positive energy, such as, “I emit good vibes wherever I go.”

Item Details:

  • Material: Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Onyx
  • Band type: premium elastic string
  • Stone size: 0.3 in (8 mm)
  • Bracelet length: 0.7 in (17 cm)
  • Weight: 0.9 in (26 g)