Rainbow Chakra Tapestry


Chakra Tapestry


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Colorful Rainbow Chakra Tapestry, Refresh Your Meditation Space Decor


Get this amazing rainbow chakra tapestry. Refresh your yoga routine. Use it as a yoga mat in your meditation class or just as a beautiful wall hanging in your room.

Easy to fold, bring it with you everywhere. You need this in your life!

Used it as a throw, a towel, a tablecloth, and a wall hanging. Add to your collection or give it as a great chakra gift idea for any yoga and chakra lovers!

Chakra Tapestry

A meditation space can be a powerful part of your spiritual experience, putting this chakra tapestry into your meditation room space will add a unique zen touch and brings peace which can help you to still be motivated during your spiritual practice routine.

The decoration symbolizes the 7 Chakras system which recognizes 7 centers of energy that are constantly in movement along the human body’s spinal column.

Item Details:

  • Material : 80% Cotton + 20% polyamide fiber
  • Size : 150cm x 70cm , 0.1cm thin
  • Wrinkle-Resistant, Waterproof, Anti-Slip, Machine washable, cold water, and easy to clean.

The 7 Major Chakras in the human body

  1. The Root Chakra — Location: Base of the spine — Color: Red
  2. The Sacral Chakra — Location: Just below the Navel — Color: Orange
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra — Location: stomach area — Color: Yellow
  4. The Heart Chakra — Location: Center of the chest — Color: Green
  5. The Throat Chakra — Location: Base of the throat — Color: Blue
  6. The Third Eye chakra — Location: Forehead, just above the area between the eyes — Color: Indigo
  7. The Crown Chakra — Location: Top of the head — Color: Violet
Reviews (3)

  1. Stephany

    I love it

  2. Angela.W

    Bought 3 of this for me and for my 2 friends, we have decided to hang all of it on our restaurant. Very lovely!

  3. Maria

    Fabulous tapestry love it

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